Monday, August 30, 2010

Meet Liberia's own Gregory Artus Frank.......

Lovers of African Movies have seen him in a number of African blockbuster film like who loves me and Chelsea, but few know that this talented Actor is a Liberian, who struggle for years, before making it big on the silver screen all across Africa.

After receiving a Human Resources Management degree from AME University in Monrovia, Gregory decided to pursue his passion for acting. He started out doing a lot of minor roles, but then he decided he wanted to do something on his own. His first film Juetey (Children’s Business), a film he both directed and starred in, was also his first big attempt at doing screenwriting.
By 2008, Juetey has won six movie awards including Best Writer, Best Supporting Actress and Movie of the Year, just to name a few.

Here is scene from one of his movie WHO LOVES ME.......

Gregory Artus Frank was born on May 4th 1979 in Montserado County Liberia.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Withdraw the Maritime act from the Senate Madame President...............

President Sirleaf

The Executive and the Legislative branches of government in Liberia, are said to be locked up in continuing discussions over the passage of the new Maritime Act that, among others, seeks to transform the Bureau of Maritime Affairs into an Authority and gives it the power to collect its own revenue, creates its own security unit and immunes its officials from prosecution while serving a seven-year term, among others.

The United States Government, the European Union and the International Monetary Fund have all slammed the Act, with the US warning that it potentially violates Liberia Public Financial Management Law. Even other government agencies such as defense and finance ministries have respectively opposed the financial autonomy and the establishment of a security unity under the Act.

Last week renowned Liberian rights activist Kimmie Weeks joined the chorus of opposition by denouncing the act as an affront to the Liberian People, Mr. Weeks claimed that the Act, which is being debated by the Senate and stands to give the Bureau of Maritime Affairs and its commissioners a broad power, gives way to the creation of an entity that will be unanswerable to the Liberian people and removes safeguards that prevent widespread corruption.
”We cannot allow ourselves to go back to the years long ago when multinationals and large companies could convince the Liberian Government to pass loss in their favors, but which were extremely detrimental to the Liberian people in the long run. We‘ve been accused of passing some of the worse contracts in the world. Let‘s not let history repeat itself. Just say no to Maritime act,” Mr Weeks said.

As a huge supporter of the Sirleaf Administration, i have praised the President when ever she did good, and when ever she was wrongly criticize for political reasons for the many good work she was doing for the Liberian people, but this Maritime act submitted by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is just not a step in the right direction. We just cannot let an agency of the government collect its own taxes, have their own security force and at the same time give them a wide range of powers including policing themselves, with out the input of the Liberian people. The international community thinks the act is seriously flawed, the Liberian people wants it withdrawn, and we think the President should seriously consider withdrawing it from the Senate.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

couple of Interesting stories featuring Liberia on CNN Inside Africa.......

CNN inside Africa this week has a series of interesting report about Liberia, that i will also like to share here on my blog.

In the first story Prince Johnson -- once a rebel commander in Liberia's civil war, and a man accused of crimes against humanity -- says he has found God, and he wants to lead Liberia to a secure future as a born again Christin.

This fool was not only responsible for the death of many Innocent Liberians during the civil war, but he was also caught on tape drinking Budweiser while his men were cutting off the ears of then President- Samuel Doe to his amusement, before torturing and killing him. and to think he has the audacity to want to be President and govern Liberia makes me sick, this criminal should be in prison along with his Pal Charles Taylor where they all belong.

The next story in the series and one of my personal favorite is about the dissemination of information to the masses, and the voice and vision of the young generation of Liberians ready to rebuild after years of war.

The final story in the series is about surfing in Liberia, and a young Liberian who is trying to get recognition for the sport.