Saturday, February 24, 2007

My God what a DAY

Today was one of those days you just did not want to get out of the house, cities all across the State of Minnesota were hit by severe snow storms, it is one of those days i wish i was back home in Liberia sitting on one of many beaches around Monrovia, getting sunburn and watching the waves and palm trees gently move by the calm Atlantic's breeze. so i am going to do the next best thing clean the driveway, go to get some movies from the videos rental store, and just chill at home today.

Friday, February 23, 2007

The workaholic President

One can only imagine what it takes to be a President of Liberia these days, at age 65 the Liberian president shows no sign of slowing down, last week she was in the united states where she was hugely successful in having about 700 million dollars of Liberia 's debt forgiven, the president than went home, where she received a massive welcome all the way from the airport to central Monrovia by a grateful nation, for her leadership in helping to restore hope and respect to a nation that has known nothing but war and anarchy for years.

The next day she was off to Guinea, along with president Kabbah of Sierra Leone to see how they can be of help in stopping the political crisis in that country. and finally she is in Rwanda this week on a five days official visit as guest of President Paul Kagame.

One thing is for sure, the president hard work is starting to pay off, investment into the country is starting to pour in, government revenues increased about 20% as compare to the year before, and there is finally a sense that things are beginning to change for the better.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Liberia during the rule of Tubman

This is a vedeo i posted on youtube.

Liberia's president Ellen Sirleaf continues to be a source of pride to her people

Never in my lifetime would i have ever thought that a woman would ever become president of Liberia, after years of running the the country into the dirt by self proclaim patriots who had no regard for the people but filling their pockets from government's coffers, we finally have a leader who have manage to bring some measure of hope and respect to her war weary people.

she has relentlessly fought the good fight, and tirelessly continues to bring awareness to the the plight of her peoples, and with that a sense of new national pride never seen for years in the country.