Saturday, October 8, 2011

Why change the pilot when the plane is still in the air?.....

As the countdown to election begins in Liberia, it has become clear that the path Liberians choose on the 11 of October will determine if the country remains on the road to prosperity or the path of uncertainty and chaos.
Winston Tubman and the opposition CDC claimed that the Sirleaf administration has done nothing for the Country, On Friday, addressing some 200,000 of their supporters, Tubman told the crowd "What we know of her is that she brought war and that having now taken power, she hasn't brought unity," we can see nothing in the record about Ellen Sirleaf that tells us that she has been promoting peace, or that Liberia has become any better during her tenure as President.

Liberians should not forget Winston Tubman, is the nephew of Liberia's longest-serving president,William V.S Tubman, these people held power in Liberia for three decades, and what does Liberia has to show for it? absolutely nothing.

President Sirleaf on the other hand, has chalked up a series of economic achievements. She has managed to preside over 6.7% annual economic growth during her short time in office. She has also secured $4.6 billion in debt relief from creditors, including the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the U.S., the European Union and the African Development Bank. Her government has attracted billions more in foreign investment from companies all around the world.

Liberians should not be fool to think that a miracle will happen when the President is voted out of office, that all of a sudden every Liberians will automatically have a job. Rome was not built in a day, it will take a little bit more of time for people to start reaping the results of the Sound policies the President and her team have laid out.
Lets not forget fellow Liberians that when the Plane is still in the air, you don't change the pilots, Lets be patient and let the president complete what she started.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Congratulation to President Sirleaf and Leymeh Gbowee both of Liberia for winning this year Nobel peace prize..........

I learned with joy and pride this morning that Two Liberians were among the winners for the Nobel peace prize.

Liberia’s President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf won this year’s Nobel Peace Prize, sharing the award with fellow Liberian, Leymah Gbowee and Yemen’s Tawakkul Karman, for work to promote women’s rights and peace building.

Johnson-Sirleaf, 72, Gbowee and Karman were announced as winners of the 10 million-krona ($1.5 million) prize on Friday by the Norwegian Nobel Committee in Oslo. They were awarded the prize for “their non-violent struggle for the safety of women and for women’s rights to full participation in peace-building work,” the committee said.

Among those who welcomed this year's award was German Chancellor Angela Merkel, viewed as the most powerful woman in Europe, who said: "This will hopefully encourage many women, but also many men, around the world to campaign for freedom and democracy and against injustice."

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said: "Above all, it underscores the vital role that women play in the advancement of peace and security, development, and human rights."

Amnesty International secretary general Salil Shetty said: "This Nobel Peace Prize recognizes what human rights activists have known for decades - that the promotion of equality is essential to building just and peaceful societies worldwide.

We congratulate these women on their achievements, today is a day that all Liberians should be proud of.

The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded by a committee of five people chosen by Norway's parliament and is named for Alfred Nobel, a Swedish scientist and inventor of dynamite.

Nominations come from lawmakers around the world, university professors, previous Nobel laureates and members of the Nobel committee.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ecowas seeks UN help for Liberia and Ivory coast security.

Leaders from West African countries on Saturday called on the UN to bolster monitoring of Ivory Coast's border with neighbor Liberia, which is set to hold general elections next month.

Liberian authorities last month announced a seizure of a "worrisome" amount of arms and ammunition near the border with Ivory Coast, which is still recovering from a bloody post-election crisis.

Presidents from six countries "urged the United Nations to intensify joint UNOCI-UNMIL (peacekeeping missions) monitoring and control of the common border zone between the two countries."

The special mini summit was called by Ecowas, to come out with ways to address security concerns after Liberian immigration said they had seized weapons which included rockets, machine guns and assault rifles and a large amount of ammunition from unnamed people.

In a statement the leaders meeting under the aegis of the regional bloc Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) "declared zero tolerance for any attempt to oppose the verdict of the ballot box."

Liberia is still fragile as it recovers from bloody civil wars waged by warloards and drugged child soldiers, that left some 150,000 dead between 1989 and 2003. The Country is set to hold Presidential election in October. The October vote is the second since the end of those devastating wars.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Massive show of support for President Sirleaf reelection bid....

As elections fever continue to rock Liberia, News coming out of Monrovia say

A group of former fighters have pledged to support President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s bid for re-election in October.

“She has done well,” Austen Clarke, who was deputy defense minister under ex-President Taylor told reporters in Monrovia, the capital, yesterday. He cited developments in living standards and freedom of expression in the Country.

Clarke who is also the chairman of the group Nimba Citizens United for Progress said his group comprises about 80 percent of the country’s so-called Special Forces generals who led various factions during the years of conflict. The leaders have influence over as many as 100,000 former fighters.

In related developments there have been a massive show of support for President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf as she seeks reelection for a second term.

Addressing thousands of residents of the Communities of Barnesville and Garnersville on Sarturday, the President said the election was not about her, “It was about the country.”

Here is a Video of the President making her case for why she should be reelected to thousands of supporters in Monrovia.

The Liberian leader says she remains committed to ensuring that the gains made by her government over the past five years are sustained. She said a strong foundation for growth and prosperity has been laid, cautioning that the nation stands to lose unless Liberians excise the right decision in the forthcoming referendum and presidential and general elections.

Large amont of arms and ammunition seized in Liberia.....

The Government of Liberia has seized a "worrisome" amount of arms and ammunition in the south of the country near the border with Ivory Coast, an official told a press conference Wednesday.

"The Bureau of Immigration with maximum support from the Ministry of Justice was successful in retrieving a cache of arms and ammunition through the cooperation of some ex-combatants," Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization commissioner Chris Massaquoi told journalists.

He did not give details about the former combatants who he said collaborated with state security authorities to find the weapons.

But he added: "This discovery of weapons is worrisome".

The weapons were found in the counties of River Gee, Maryland, Grand Gedeh and Nimba.

Some of the weapons were displayed during the press conference.

They included rockets, machine guns and assault rifles and a large amount of ammunition.

"The arms and ammunition were collected by Immigration Special Border Patrol Officers following intensive intelligence gathering in certain towns along the Liberian-Ivorian border," the immigration commissioner said.

He noted that the bureau in collaboration with other security officials would make sure that there were no internal and external security threats as the country is to hold general and presidential elections on October 11.

The Bureau of Immigration appealed to all Liberians, "especially those living near or around the borders of Liberia to report to national security the presence of any and all strange movements within or near the borders as well as the presence of arms and ammunition of all sorts, and any threat to national security".

Liberia charged 36 people in late June in connection with the discovery of a large arms cache near the border with Ivory Coast two weeks earlier.

The weapons stash included war weapons and ammunition, including Kalachnikovs and rocket launchers.

They were believed to have been sent to Liberia after a lengthy post-electoral crisis in neighbouring Ivory Coast which turned violent as former strongman Laurent Gbagbo refused to accept defeat in November polls to arch-rival Alassane Ouattara, who was sworn in as president in May.

Gbagbo was arrested on April 11 in Abidjan, after some 3,000 people died in the violence in which Liberian mercenaries were alleged to have taken part.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Meet Shadow, Liberia's new musical sensation ......

Samuel Morgan AKA the Shadow.

Samuel Morgan aka the shadow is a Liberian musician, singer, composer, producer, and audio engineer who also happens to be, i am proud to say my own biological brother. Shadow and other Liberian refugee live and work in the Buduburam Liberian refugee camp near Accra, Ghana. He has spent most of his adult life in the run down refugee camp and Like most Liberian refugees, he wants to return home to Liberia but fears there is nothing there for him. Meanwhile, he makes music, partly to earn a living,and partly to inspire other Liberians with hope for the future. Last year, he and other musicians in the camps cut their first CD, with songs that tell the tale of horrors and flight from war and the desire to return home.
Despite the deplorable situation in the refugee camp. Samuel and other Liberian refugees try to stay positive and represent Liberia the best way they know how, through their wonderful music.

Here is one of my favorite song call super lady from my superstar brother.

Keep it up little brother, keep representing Mama Liberia, we are all proud of you.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Charles Taylor trial comes to an end, world awaits verdict..............

The war crimes trial of former Liberian President Charles Taylor, once among West Africa's most powerful and by far the most brutal figures, ended Friday with judges expected to take months to reach a verdict on whether he can be linked to murders and amputations during Sierra Leone's civil war.

The three judges of the Special Court for Sierra Leone must weigh tens of thousands of pages of evidence, more than 1,000 documents and exhibits, and the testimony from more than 120 victims, former rebels - and from Taylor himself, who was on the stand for seven months.

Taylor has pleaded innocent to 11 counts of murder, rape, pillaging and deploying child soldiers in Sierra Leone.

His defense team has argued that the prosecution provided only unconvincing circumstantial evidence connecting Taylor directly with the rebels, who were notorious for slicing off limbs, ears and lips of civilians to impose a reign of fear during the 1991-2002 war. It portrayed him as a man of peace who tried to mediate an end to the conflict in the neighboring country, and said the testimony for the prosecution by former rebels was often tainted by payments from the prosecutors. can you believe that? Taylor a man of peace? we who saw first hand that brute handiwork in Liberia find it laughable that Charles Taylor can ever be associated with peace. The man hands are literally dripping with the bloods of thousands of innocent people in both Liberia, and Sierra Leone.

The people who committed acts of violence against innocent women and children must pay for their crimes.

We must never forget what these monsters did to our country....... These barbaric people should pay for their crimes.

While we await the final verdict, it is my hope that the judges will weigh all the thousands of evidence against this monster and put him behind bars for good, This man was the cause of terrible sufferings not only in my own Country Liberia, but across all west Africa, he must pay for his crimes, only then can we give justice to the thousands of innocent people who perish for nothing, in this asshole senseless wars.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

One by one they will pay!!!!...........................

Libya's Muammar Gaddafi and Burkina Faso's Blaise Compaore are responsible for the death of thousands of innocent Liberians.

An old African proverb says he who dines with the dogs will eat feces, That is exactly what Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi i bet, is feeling these days. As we watched events unfold in Libya and their lunatic dictator Gaddafi loses his grip on power, one cannot help but to be happy for the Libyan people who for so long have had to live under the brutal rule of this man and his family.
Charles Taylor with the help of Libya, Burkina Faso, and Ivory Coast, killed almost 200,000 of our countrymen in a senseless war.

Many of us Liberians have serious beef with this fool who was one of the main player in all of the instabilities across Africa. It was Gaddafi who trained, armed and dispatched thugs like Charles Taylor and Foday Sankoh to take power in West African countries, initiating the brutal slaughter of innocent people in both Liberia and Sierra Leone. One by one all of these people and countries who hands are stained with the blood of our countrymen, Ivory coast, now Libya and one day Burkina Faso's Blaise Compaore will pay in blood too.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tragedy at the Buduburan refugee camp again........

Reports coming out of Ghana this morning speaks of at least 5 Liberians reportedly been shot dead by Ghanaian police at the Buduburan Refugee Camp outside Accra during a riot over leadership.

According to report still coming in, the incident occurred Sunday at a Church when a group of Liberian refugees attempted installing a new leadership despite call from the refugee board to halt the process.

Reports say there has been opposition against the current leadership at the Buduburan Camp headed by Varney Sambola. Mr. Sambola has been accused of tribalism and being in cohort with both the UNHCR and the Ghanaian authorities to relegate the interest of the Liberian refugees.

According to one eyewitness, the police surrounded the hall where the ceremony was set to take place and arrested two, including the leader who was about to be sworn in.

"As the police drove off with the two, some residents pelted the convoy and the police responded with gun shots and tear gas," the eyewitness said.

Police in Ghana have arrested a Liberian, Tyrone Marshall, said to be ringleader of the campaign to replace the current leadership on the camp. Other sources said the police are moving from house to house rounding up Liberians.

A resident of the camp told journalist by phone that reinforcement of the Ghanaian police in their hundreds has surrendered the refugee camp to the total amazement of the camp dwellers!

Another said that police are rounding up every male refugee as night falls going from door to door asking every occupants to come outside with their identification cards and as the result of that every male Liberian refugees has taken to their heels to safety in the surrounding villages within the Gomoa district and parts of Accra!

while we do not question the Ghanaian authorities right to maintain law and order in their country,they also have a duty to protect every one that resides within their borders. Did they really have to to use live bullets against unarmed people?

The Buduburam Refugee Camp has been home to refugees who fled the civil war in Liberia more than two decades ago. The camp currently hosts 15,000 to 18,000 refugees from Liberia and Sierra Leone as well as nationals from other West African countries, many of whom have settled into what has now become a town.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Couple of Interesting videos about Liberia on the Web.....

The international reporting project just did a couple of interesting pieces on Liberia....
In the first video Etweda Cooper, mayor of Edina, Liberia, discusses her vision for the small town's future in the wake of 14 years of civil war.

In the second video, Firestone the largest foreign corporation in Liberia, which has come under scrutiny in recent years has made concerted efforts to improve its facility and the condition of its workforce, but have they done enough?

Liberia,Egypt, and China sign A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for Tappitta Hospital..............

The Chinese,Egyptian, and Liberian representatives at the signing ceremony .

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the smooth operation of the newly constructed modern Tapitta Hospital, in Northern Nimba County, Liberia has been signed among the Chinese, Liberian and Egyptian governments. The agreement among the governments of the three countries was signed last Tuesday in Monrovia, with the Ambassadors of the governments of China and Egypt affixing their signatures to the agreement, while the Minister of Health of Liberia Dr. Walter Gwenigale signed on behalf of the government of Liberia.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Chinese Ambassador Zhou Yuxiao recalled that the hospital has since been officially turned over to the Liberian government since July 26, 2010 as a gift from his government to the Government of Liberia on the natal day of the country, but noted that it had not been operational since its hand-over due to the inadequacy of medical workers in Liberia.

Chinese Ambassador Yuxiao underscored the importance for everything to be done to ensure the speedy opening of the hospital and the training of Liberian health practitioners in China, who will return later to render services to the hospital. For his part, Egyptian Ambassador Maher El-Adawy expressed happiness over the signing of the MOU and assured that his country is prepared to play its part despite the on-going political crisis in Egypt.

According to the MOU, Liberian Government will take ownership of the facilities and would manage and operate the hospital at its own cost. The GOL will also provide accommodations, local transportation and complimentary medical treatment and make available other convenient services for both the Chinese and Egyptian medical experts who will be made available by the two countries in keeping with the agreement.

Also in keeping with the MOU, these foreign health practitioners would be exempted from paying taxes from their salaries and given other duty free privileges on their personal effects. In keeping with the agreement, the Chinese government is expected to dispatch five experts to help with the operation and maintenance of the major medical equipment, while providing on-the-job trainings for local technicians.

The Chinese government will also bear the travel cost and training expenses for 25 medical, technicians and managerial personnel from Liberia to travel to China for a period of 45 days to learn and return, while the Egyptian government would also send to the country around two to five medical doctors in specialized areas such as Obstetrics/Gynecology, Orthopedic Surgery, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics and ENT to assist in the running of the hospital.