Friday, June 12, 2009

Bob Johnson opens his Hotel and Resort in Liberia.....

Bob Johnson

Robert L. Johnson, Chairman of The RLJ Companies, and the founder of BET, last week announced the grand opening of his latest business development, the RLJ Kendeja Hotel, Resort & Villas located in Monrovia, Liberia.
Located on 13-acres of ocean front property, the 78-room villa style hotel offers first-class amenities catering to domestic and international travelers and includes an on-site restaurant, full service spa, tennis courts and swimming pool with poolside bar.

Some Views of the Resort

The hotel is the most luxurious hotel Liberia has ever seen and the first resort to open in the country for two decades. Rooms are decked out with hip furnishings, Wi-Fi and 42in widescreen TVs, and have plush bathrooms with fancy robes and toiletries. Comfortable beds are covered with pure white sheets and the windows look out over the ocean. An on-site restaurant, Posh, serves such delights as cognac seafood bisque, blackened rump steak and chocolate salami.

Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf welcomed the investment by Mr Johnson describing the occasion as historic. The President expressed satisfaction that Mr. Johnson responded positively to her appeal two years ago to invest in Liberia.

The President praised the Black American businessman for believing in Liberia’s potential and the investment opportunities it offers. The President also spoke of a USD$30 million investment by Mr. Johnson to provide more business opportunities to Liberian entrepreneurs.

Charles Taylor now is a Jew.............................

So apparently Charles Taylor is so bored in prison he is finding things to do that will entertain himself.

On a broadcast aired on June second, Victoria Taylor one of the former President's wives told the BBC World Service's Peter Ndoro that Taylor "is now a Jew. He's practicing Judaism."

Asked if Taylor believes his newfound faith will aid him in his trial, his wife suggested he does.

"Oh yes, I have seen a lot of transformation in my husband," she said, "and I know he truly wants to serve God with all his heart, all his mind and all his might."

In fact, Taylor found his Judaism upon entering the courtroom, she said.

"When he got to The Hague, he got to know that he really, really wanted to be a Jew,

And he wanted to convert to Judaism. And that's what he has done… He wants to know deeply about God and all about creation, and he wants to serve God accordingly and immediately."

This fool must truly think life is a joke...................