Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Arcelor Mittal to increase its investment in Liberia .

The Chairman of the world's largest Steel Company Mr Lakshmi Mittal told a news conference in Monrovia that his company was increasing its investment in the country from US $1-billion to US $1.5-billion dollars. Mr. Mittal who is in the country as a guest of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf also told reporters his company is willing to expand its activities beyond the mining sector to share its expertise in other areas including the country’s power sector. Mr Mittal praised President Sirleaf for the progress the government continues to make since she assumed the leadership of the country and said he was pleased to associate with the President. “There is positive feeling about Liberia out there,” he acknowledged, assuring the President of full and direct commitment to the project. “We have to ensure that this project is successful because it will be a model for the future.
This news could not have come at a better time, the country is still recovering from almost two decades of civil war, the economy is in shambles, unemployment is at an all time high, and with electricity and sanitation almost nonexistent, this was indeed good news for the Liberian people. with these strings of good news lately, be it debt cancellation, Investments like the one announced by Arcelor Mittal today, or the huge outpouring of goodwill that the Liberian leader continues to get from the world's community, the Liberian nation might well be on her way to reclaiming her glory.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Trip to New york in Pictures

After almost 9 hours delayed by the airline,(northwest)at the Minneapolis St Paul airport, i was about to cancel my trip and go back home, i was so pissed, i knew northwest airline had a reputation for delays, but i was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, for one because the airline, is based out of Minneapolis, so the thought was why not support the airline from your state first, but boy that was a huge mistake on my part,i was tired, i was hungry, and like hell i was pissed,i am never ever flying northwest again.i did however take a couple of pictures for my blog.

I toke this picture on the ferry that runs between Staten island and Manhattan.

Downtown Manhattan

inside the train that runs in the subway.

View of Manhattan skyline

These are pictures i took of 42 and Broadway in new york.

Thats the statue of Liberty in the background.

New york has its pros and cons, there where some things i liked and some i did not like, for one i thought, there were just too many people, all my life growing up as a kid in Monrovia, Liberia, i have never seen so many people in one place, i was even surprise to see a huge Liberian community in the Staten island area, we have a lot of Liberians here in Minnesota, but it was great to meet so many of my country men in another state. so would i give up Minnesota, to live in New York, hmmmmm.... let me just say, i am glad to be back home.