Monday, May 14, 2007

Here we go again

On the morning of may 10 2007 the Liberian community in Minnesota woke up to the shocking news, that one of its member was charged with the brutal murder of his girlfriend.

According to the criminal complaint, Wilson Newongeby Kpahn and his girlfriend were arguing about going out with friends on May 6. Kpahn went out and when he returned around midnight, they began to argue again. At one point, police said the victim told Kpahn she was leaving and would be taking their 5-month-old child with her. The victim did not leave and at some point both Kpahn and the victim went to bed. Kpahn told police he woke up around 5 a.m., got a wooden piece of the bed and hit the victim with it. Kpahn told police he then strangled the victim with his arm. according to news report the accused came to the states from Liberia just about a year ago.

The constant negative news about the Liberian community especially in Minnesota, is well known, at almost any Liberian gathering there are always reports of fights, and drugs.

this is shameful and its a disgrace, this is not our country, we are guest here, and we have to understand that when we are in Rome we have to live like the Romans, so once again the hint to the wise is sufficient, please don't make life difficult for the rest of us. I believe this is something the community leaders have to look at and address urgently, or everyone of us run the risk of having our good name ruin by heartless and selfish thugs, who can't understand that the war is over in Liberia, and that we have to respect and be good guest in other people's house.