Saturday, July 24, 2010

Happy Independence Day...........................

On July 26 1847 exactly 163 years ago 11 men, representing different parts of the commonwealth of Liberia, and led by Hilary Teage, signed the Liberian Declaration of Independence. By signing the declaration of independence these patriotic sons of Liberia told the world that a new country,called Liberia, the land of the free, the first free negro nation on the African continent was born.
Liberians will gather all over the world to celebrate Independence day.....

Happy birthday Liberia, and happy independence day to all my fellow Liberians and friends of Liberia all around the Globe, as we all gather to celebrate the 163 years birth anniversary of our homeland this July 26, let us not forget who we are or where we came from, let us remind ourselves that though we may be of many tribes, we are still one people with one common destiny.

The Liberian People are a proud, resourceful, and Patriotic people who despite all the hardship and horrors of the last decades, continue to rise and put our nation first. the daunting task of rebuilding the country,after decades of war, may seem sometimes impossible, but the future holds nothing but possibilities if we all just work together for the common good of our Country.
Long live the republic of Liberia, Long live the peoples of Liberia.