Tuesday, October 23, 2007

We will remember those who stood with us, in our time of need.

It is unbelievable that some, mainly developing, and middle income countries,would resist attempt by the IMF to cancel Liberia's $4.5 billion debt, We are held up because of the action of a few countries," World Bank President Robert Zoellick told the press on Sunday.Approval to write off the $900 million Liberia owes the IMF has been resisted by Belgium and large developing countries including Brazil, Turkey, Indonesia India,and Mexico, all countries we thought were our friends.Liberia have fulfilled and continue to work hard on all the economic and political requirements to enter a global debt relief program to write off our debts yet we are still waiting for donors to make good on their promises. To those countries who stood with us in our time of need, and are doing all they can to help us erase this huge debt, this huge impediment to our country's development, we are grateful, and we are in your debt, and to those who stood against us, know that it could be you on the other side one day, and we will remember your actions against us today.