Monday, February 9, 2009

Liberians facing mass deportation after march 31 ........

There is a deep sense of anxiety these days in Liberian community all around the United States. About 10,000 Liberians could face deportation come march 31, this year when a temporary protection status that allows them to stay here expires unless President Obama or Congress intervenes. The U.S. government contends Liberia is now a stable country and these migrants should return home.
Liberians have lived in the U.S. since the early 1990’s under a temporary protected status. Now that the Liberian government is showing some signs of stabilization, the U.S. government is trying to lift the temporary protected status and deport many of the 20,000 Liberians who are now living in the U.S.
I watched in complete disbelief Dan Stein, president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform on CNN talking about how "It is time for people to go back and rebuild their country,"He said for Liberians to stay when their country is at peace would be an abuse of U.S. hospitality.
"It makes a mockery of the concept of short-term temporary humanitarian protection." he went on to say.
I would like to point out to Mr Stein however,that the State department own travel advisory is warning Americans to avoid travel to the country, because of serious security concern. so my question is, if its not safe for Americans to go there, how is it safe for thousands of Liberians with their U.S born children, who are U.S citizens to go there?

the new government in Monrovia, is doing all it can to provide basic services, to the people already there, and with some difficulty i might add, how can they be expected to cope with the thousands more who will be force to go home? Monrovia is already overcrowded, unemployment is at 80%, the education system is in shambles not to mention the health sector, there is no way this is going to work, if this plan is implemented it will be a disaster in the making. Our people understands that there is nowhere like home, we are grateful to the United states for all it has done and continue to do for our people, all we ask is a little more time, to let the government in Monrovia, firmly put their feet on the ground.
I have monitor blogs and comment online today about this very subject and it is sad that many people would post such hateful and vile comment about refugees who don't beg for government handout, but instead work hard and pay their taxes.
here i some of the comments i am seeing online......

Hey, I'm the Girl from Boston.......
Born here, Raised here, schooled here, Worked here,
Taxed here. We, can't feed the world and neither can
we allow these immigrants to change the law.
I feel like a stranger in my own country. Now, disable
and living on a shoe string fighting for surival with
no relatives just a handfull of good friends and theses
people expect me to feel bad for them by putting their
story in a newspaper. Gee, anybody interested in my life
as a true born American? Yeah, right I didn't think so.

how do you figure the Midwest would benefit? Most of them are looking for handouts, not work.
Why do you think they immigrate to a big city?? Oh yes, your right on the button about boosting the local economies. Are you insane? This is why, I am being cut down on my services for the disable and elderly that have put into the system for a lifetime of hard work.
Pretty sad that this is what they got for a reward from the United States and Local Government. Now, put your money where you mouth is and you support them.

The US can no longer be the take all for the world. A this price our schools are suffering, health care is suffering, welfare, and the like. We are busting at the seems. Some of these law brakers are chanting in the streets wanting better breaks in this society while not a citizen. We need to filter these people and sent them home.

Trust me our people are not beggars, they are hard working people who just want what everybody else want, the best for their family. and its sad that people will add insult to injury, to people who have not only lost everything in the world, but must also be insulted for wanting the best for their family.