Sunday, December 28, 2008

Two Liberians arrested in Maryland for Black money scam....

Police in Frederick Maryland say they've arrested two Liberian citizens who tried to scam the owner of a Chinese restaurant out of $100,000.
The men allegedly told the restaurant owner that they could counterfeit $100 bills by placing them between sheets of black paper and applying a chemical.
During the investigation, police officers learned that the two men, Liberian citizens later identified as Calvin Billfrank Swen, 44, of Jamaica, N.Y., and Radcliffe Reynold Howard, 41, of Philadelphia, initially visited the restaurant to ask about buying the business, according to the police.
On a later visit, they demonstrated the black-paper trick and asked the restaurant owner to give them $100,000, saying they could turn it into $4 million which would then be split evenly between them.
After several communications with the restaurant owner, police officers conducted surveillance operations and arrested the men as they entered the business.
Both men are now awaiting appearances before the District Court Commissioner.
I mean really how stupid are these guys to think that they would have gotten away with something like this? it infuriates me when people like these two bring unnecessary bad publicity to our community, Liberians are known to be hard working law-abiding people, and for these two crooks to bring such shame and disgrace to us is unforgivable.
An old saying back home says when your eye spoils, you can't ask someone else to lent theirs to you, because they are Liberians, we the thousands of other law abiding Liberians apologize for what these fools did, there is no justification for what they did, and i hope they put behind bars for a very long time.