Saturday, March 12, 2011

Charles Taylor trial comes to an end, world awaits verdict..............

The war crimes trial of former Liberian President Charles Taylor, once among West Africa's most powerful and by far the most brutal figures, ended Friday with judges expected to take months to reach a verdict on whether he can be linked to murders and amputations during Sierra Leone's civil war.

The three judges of the Special Court for Sierra Leone must weigh tens of thousands of pages of evidence, more than 1,000 documents and exhibits, and the testimony from more than 120 victims, former rebels - and from Taylor himself, who was on the stand for seven months.

Taylor has pleaded innocent to 11 counts of murder, rape, pillaging and deploying child soldiers in Sierra Leone.

His defense team has argued that the prosecution provided only unconvincing circumstantial evidence connecting Taylor directly with the rebels, who were notorious for slicing off limbs, ears and lips of civilians to impose a reign of fear during the 1991-2002 war. It portrayed him as a man of peace who tried to mediate an end to the conflict in the neighboring country, and said the testimony for the prosecution by former rebels was often tainted by payments from the prosecutors. can you believe that? Taylor a man of peace? we who saw first hand that brute handiwork in Liberia find it laughable that Charles Taylor can ever be associated with peace. The man hands are literally dripping with the bloods of thousands of innocent people in both Liberia, and Sierra Leone.

The people who committed acts of violence against innocent women and children must pay for their crimes.

We must never forget what these monsters did to our country....... These barbaric people should pay for their crimes.

While we await the final verdict, it is my hope that the judges will weigh all the thousands of evidence against this monster and put him behind bars for good, This man was the cause of terrible sufferings not only in my own Country Liberia, but across all west Africa, he must pay for his crimes, only then can we give justice to the thousands of innocent people who perish for nothing, in this asshole senseless wars.