Monday, November 19, 2007

Making the case for Liberia to host Africom.

The US government announced early in the year that the Defence Department was creating a US Africa Command headquarters to coordinate all American military and security interests throughout the continent, but a lot of African powers Including Nigeria, South Africa, and Libya have expressed reservations about a move that could signal an expansion of U.S. influence on the continent. Why is it that so many African powers are against The United states setting up its African commend on an African soil? the answer is simple, African nations, at least those run by dictators, like Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe don't want more Americans, and their democratic ideas, upsetting the status quo. and in their effort to stay in power, and continue stealing from their country's Treasury, they have come up with pitiful excuses like, any AFRICOM facilities on African territory, will be a magnet that will attract terrorist to attack their countries.
Liberia on the other hand, has announce publicly that it is willing to host Africom, coming out out of almost two decades of civil war, and with our infrastructure, and economy in shambles, there is no telling that Several hundred, or even thousand, well paid American soldiers and civilians, would work wonders for the economy. and not to mention the huge financial incentive, and the creation of thousands of jobs that would come with Africom requests for basing rights.
Another reason we Liberians should welcome Africom is because it would give pause to any future rebel group, or military commanders contemplating a coup.
There is no reason what so ever to fear Africom, i believe they will be a force for good on the continent, that's why we wholeheartedly support our President, to not only bid that Africom be base on the continent, but we also support her effort to have Liberia host Africom.