Saturday, November 21, 2009

Parents of the eight year old Liberian rape victim charged...............................

The parents of the 8-year-old Liberian girl who was allegedly gang-raped at her apartment complex in Phoenix Arizona earlier this year, have now been arrested for child abuse.
Authorities said the couple used sticks, wires and their fists to abuse their 8-year-old daughter,

Arrest warrants were issued for 59-year-old Hemis Dio and his wife, 47-year-old Wedeh Dio. Each of them are facing 8 counts of child abuse related to an investigation conducted by police and the Maricopa County Attorney's Office over the past several months.
Witnesses also told police that the parents left their daughter wandering their apartment complex alone at night, begging for food.

The child abuse investigation was based on documented incidents from the Phoenix Police Department and numerous referrals to Arizona Child Protective Services dating to 2005.

Earlier this year the eight year old was allegedly lured to a storage shed, pinned down and gang-raped by four Liberian boys, none of them older than 14.
At the time of the incident Child Protective Services removed the victim from the custody of her parents, who, according to police, blamed her for being victimized and bringing shame to their family.

Details of the girl's assault and her parents reactions so shocked the country, that Liberia's President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf sent Liberia's deputy Ambassador to the United States Edwin Sele to Phoenix for a weeklong fact-finding mission and to help dispel notions that rape is condoned in the West African country.