Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy mother's Day Mom ....................

My mom in the early 70s, when she attended E.J Yancy high Totota, Bong County.

Today is mother's day and i want to just take this time to thank my mom for doing such a good job with us. we were not rich but we kids always had enough to eat, and we always had a roof over our head.
Mom always was there when we needed her, there is noway we can ever repay her or daddy for everything they did for us, but it is my resolve that my own kids know that no matter what, we will always be there for them. we had good parents,we were blessed, and it is important that we passed it on to our own kids.

And so to celebrate mother's day and to show my appreciation for my mom i wrote this poem for her......

Thank you Mother

When i was young and small,
many times i became sick i recalled.
but deep into the night you were by my side
trying the tears to hide.

sometimes i was rude and bad,
and other times i made you hurt and sad
but silently i knew you always pray,
that your little boy became somebody someday.

many times you told me about Jesus the son of God,
other times you told me about Satan the demon's lord.
and that if i in the presence of God enjoyed,
i would be a happy little boy.
no one can ever take your place,
no one can your soft and gentle love replace,
its been hard, but you have won
and i am glad i am your son.

Emmanuel Michael Liu