Friday, January 4, 2008

Charles Taylor Trial to begin on Monday after six month delay........

The trial of the former Liberian dictator Charles Taylor is slated to begin on Monday the 7th of January. The former dictator is accused of orchestrating mass murder, rape and mutilation during Liberia's and Sierra Leone's civil war, in his quest for diamonds and seeking to destabilize not only the Freetown government, but the whole sub-region to boost his own influence throughout West Africa. The chief UN Prosecutor Stephen Rapp said An insider once close to former Liberian President Charles Taylor who can link him to atrocities committed in Sierra Leone will be among the first witnesses in Taylor's trial.

Here is ABC nightline news report on the Liberian civil war.
This fool atrocities against the peoples of Liberia, and Sierra Leone in the name of Liberation will never be forgotten, In Sierra Leone, a generation of civilian amputees -- their hands or legs hacked off by rebels -- are a painful reminder of the cruelty and brutality of his war, in which drugged rebels often child soldiers, killed, raped and maimed, innocent people. In Liberia stories of his men cutting pregnant women open to determine the sex of the unborn child is also well known, as well as his thugs eating and using the intestines and other organs of their victims to make their checkpoints. Meanwhile the Association for the Legal Defense of Charles Taylor headed by John T. Richardson, will be hosting a A special prayer and thanksgiving service for the accused former Liberian leader in Monrovia ahead of the January 7, trial.

He show no mercy to his victims,let none be given

His brutality against even babies, is hard to comprehend

I swear these rebels have no shame, after all the people these bastard killed, almost 300,000 in Liberia and God knows how many more in Sierra Leone, they have the audacity to invoke God's name, why the hell is John T. Richardson, Grace Minor, and Jewel Taylor still doing running around Monrovia? they should all, along with kromah, George Boley, and Conteh be drag before the world's court.We will never forget what you bastards did to our country, neither will we forget what you did to the children of our country. I hope Charles taylor rot in hell were he belongs, he showed no mercy to his victims, the Liberian people should not show any mercy to him, after all do unto others as you would want them to do unto you, These bastards don't deserve to breath the same air we breath.

Those good old days .........

Sorry folks i have been so busy lately with school,work and my kid i hardly have time to blog like i used to. anyway i was looking for some old Liberian music on the Internet and i came across this Miatta Fabullah video from the 80s. man how time flies, i was a kid then, but watching this video just brought back tons of good memories. it pains me when most of our people come to the states, and forget who they are, or where they came from,sometimes i even sense they are ashamed to be call Liberians, our old folks used to say when the old lady eye spoil, she cannot borrow another one from someone else. Liberia was once a great country, but fell upon hard times, she will again be a great country.

for all you oldtimers i hope this brought joy to your hearts as it did mine.