Monday, January 19, 2009

Thank you President Bush, Liberia will always be grateful to you...

Tomorrow the administration of President George W Bush will officially come to an end. What Bush’s legacy will be in the United States and the world at learge as he leaves office, is still been debated by so called political pundits .
It is true, he made some colossal mistakes at home and abroad like the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq . It is also true his relations with America's allies, especially in Europe, have been abysmal. But outside of the Middle East and Europe, Bush has been successful, especially in Asia and Africa.

For years, America has given lip service to African disease and poverty. But Bush reversed course, and today millions of Africans receive free medicine for AIDs, TB and Malaria. Half of all African food aid comes from the US. The Millenium Challenge, a very effective program in which rich countries ban together to foster economic development in poor countries, was created by Bush.
Most Americans have been hard on the President, some insulting and calling him the worst president ever, But Liberians will always be grateful to this president for he truly have been a friend of Liberia and Africa.
President Bush has been a good friend of Africa

When President Clinton had a chance to save thousands of people in Rwanda during the 90s he refused to get involve, calling it an African Problem, and because of America and the world's inaction almost a million people die in the Rwanda Genocide.
Bush on the other hand got involved in Africa like no other president before him, he demanded that the Tyrant Charles Taylor leaves office and send U.S soldiers to help stabilized the country, and in the process ending almost 2 decades of civil war that left the country in a state of total ruin.
He called Sudan's military actions in Darfur, Genocide when most African and European countries refused to call it so.

Whatever his critics in the Liberal media say, President Bush, unlike any other U.S. Presidents, change dramatically the way the United States dealt with Africa and her problems.
Farewell Mr President you were a great friend of Africa, may God bless you and your family as you end this chapter of your life and begin a new one.