Friday, July 3, 2009

The digrace that was the Liberia's Truth and Reconciliation Commission...............

President Sirleaf before the TRC early this year....

I am totally shock and frankly really pissed of by the apparent attempt of the so called Liberia's Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) to disgrace a sitting president, and in my opinion, stir up trouble in an already fragile country.
The TRC final report over the weekend recommended
that President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and 51 others be blocked from holding public offices in Liberia for 30 years for helping to form and finance warring factions.
The Commission was established in 2003 to identify the root causes of the Liberian civil war and determine those who were responsible in committing domestic and international crimes against the Liberian people.
But i find no logic whatsoever in their argument that
those who financed the conflict, although they did not participate in the command and control of the factions, also bear the responsibility for the atrocities that were committed.
The president early this year
testified before the commission and admitted she had endorsed former president Charles Taylor's rebellion against President Samuel Doe, but later withdrew her support, when the true and barbaric intentions of Mr Taylor became known.
But the TRC says Johnson Sirleaf didn't go far enough. One of the ideas behind a truth commission is that people responsible for past errors show remorse. By not apologizing or showing more remorse, the TRC says, Johnson Sirleaf denied both her own responsibility and undermined the TRC process.

What total nonsense, The president should not even entertain or comment on such stupidity.
If the aim of the TRC was to destroyed the reputation of a renown public servant, and in the process tear down all that Liberia has accomplish since the end of the civil war, then bravo, they have succeeded, because the internet is abuzz with this story.

Liberians and perhaps the rest of the world are still trying to come to grip with the political impact of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s statements, but the patriotic people of Liberia knows that such stupid and ridiculous comments will not stop the march to progress, because frankly we are tired of these detractors who have nothing to offer the Liberian people, but will stop at nothing and use whatever means at their disposal to bring the country down to her knees again.