Sunday, December 28, 2008

Two Liberians arrested in Maryland for Black money scam....

Police in Frederick Maryland say they've arrested two Liberian citizens who tried to scam the owner of a Chinese restaurant out of $100,000.
The men allegedly told the restaurant owner that they could counterfeit $100 bills by placing them between sheets of black paper and applying a chemical.
During the investigation, police officers learned that the two men, Liberian citizens later identified as Calvin Billfrank Swen, 44, of Jamaica, N.Y., and Radcliffe Reynold Howard, 41, of Philadelphia, initially visited the restaurant to ask about buying the business, according to the police.
On a later visit, they demonstrated the black-paper trick and asked the restaurant owner to give them $100,000, saying they could turn it into $4 million which would then be split evenly between them.
After several communications with the restaurant owner, police officers conducted surveillance operations and arrested the men as they entered the business.
Both men are now awaiting appearances before the District Court Commissioner.
I mean really how stupid are these guys to think that they would have gotten away with something like this? it infuriates me when people like these two bring unnecessary bad publicity to our community, Liberians are known to be hard working law-abiding people, and for these two crooks to bring such shame and disgrace to us is unforgivable.
An old saying back home says when your eye spoils, you can't ask someone else to lent theirs to you, because they are Liberians, we the thousands of other law abiding Liberians apologize for what these fools did, there is no justification for what they did, and i hope they put behind bars for a very long time.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Liberian community mourns 7 killed in Philadelphia fire.......

Today is a sad day for us, members f the Liberian community in the United States. Today seven members of our community including a toddler, died when fire roared through a three-story home in southwest Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on Friday night.

Six of the victims -- three adults, a teen and two children -- were found in the townhome's basement, huddled together, Philadelphia Fire Commissioner Lloyd Ayers said.

A 2-year-old boy who was pulled from the burning house by firefighters was later pronounced dead at Children's Hospital, Ayers said.

The medical examiner identified one adult and three children, and said the children died of smoke inhalation, while the adult died of smoke inhalation and burns. The four were identified as Henry W. Gbokoloi, 54, of Yeadon; 8-year-old Ramere Markese Wright-Dosso, 6-year-old Mariam Iyanya Dosso, and 1-year-old Zyhire Xzavier Wright-Teah, all from the same home on Willows Ave. in Southwest Philadelphia.

A family member holds a 2008 Christmas photo of the three child victims killed in a deadly house fire in Southwest Philadelphia: Zyhire Wright-Teah, 18 months, front left; Ramere Wright-Dosso, 8, back left; and Mariam Dosso, 7, front right.

The other victims still had not been identified.

The neighborhood is home to many of the city's 15,000 Liberian immigrants. Soon after daybreak, Liberian community members began showing up to learn more about the victims.
Fire marshals have not yet released the cause of the blaze. But one survival said it started after a woman added fuel to a kerosene heater and, when it became too hot, tried to move it outside through the basement's only door.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Instability in Guinea could mean trouble for Liberia.....

The 24-year reign of Guinea's president Lansana Conte , one of Africa's longest-ruling president, ended in confusion and chaos on Tuesday as a group of soldiers seized on his death to announced a coup that was immediately challenged by government officials.
International reporters in the capital Conakry, are reporting the movement of dozens of heavily armored tanks and troops heading toward the prime minister's office inside the presidential compound, and the city center. soldiers have set up check-points along the main roads into the city center, but so far there have been no reports of them abusing any citizens.

Guinean soldiers on armored vehicles patrols in the streets of Conakry

Liberians everywhere are monitoring the developments in Guinea our neighbor to the north with utmost concern. any instability in Guinea could spell serious trouble for us too. Any power struggle would be extremely dangerous, and could easily become a regional problem.
The Liberian leader Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for her part in a statement expressed shock and great sadness at the passing of President Conte.
In her statement, she adds “On this mournful occasion, the Government and People of Liberia join me in extending to the brotherly people of Guinea heartfelt condolences for the irreparable loss sustained. Under General Conte’s administration, Guinea served as sanctuary for tens of thousands of Liberian Refugees”.

The Liberian leader hopes that during this period of national mourning and transition, the people of Guinea will continue to enjoy the blessings of peace and stability, saying “ The government and people of Liberia will always stand ready to identify with the Government and brotherly people of Guinea”.

While we all pray and hope that the situation in Guinea remains peaceful, our government must start making the necessary arrangement to bring home the thousands of our country men who sought refuge in that country during our own civil crisis. we cannot afford to let our people suffer another war when they have already been through enough already.
And the international community must do all it can to not let the situation in Guinea go out of control, Liberia will only enjoy peace when all its neighbors are at peace.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Chinese company to invest billions in Liberia.......

A Chinese company promised over the weekend to spend 2.6 billion dollars on Liberia's main iron ore mine at bong mines in the biggest investment ever made in the country's history.
Speaking over the weekend at the National Investment Commission (NIC) offices where a team of government negotiators and a high powered delegation from the China Union Company held their first meeting, NIC Chairman, Dr. Richard Tolbert described the US$2.6 billion investment project as very important to the government of Liberia.

Presenting a graphic description of the investment project, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of China Union, Mr. Yin Fuyou disclosed that his company will construct a 130MW Hydro Power Plant on the St. Paul River to supply electricity to Monrovia and other areas.

Mr. Yin who spoke through an interpreter noted that Bong Mines will be transformed with modern facilities including a residential area for employees of the company. He said the company will also create an agricultural site where rice and other crops will be planted.

China Union, according to Mr. Yin, will also build a park where livestock will be raised. He said the ore that will be extracted from the mountains of Liberia would benefit every Liberian as the company will be producing steel in the country.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Liberia honours Kufuor of Ghana..............

Liberia on Saturday honored President John Kufuor of Ghana with the country's highest national award in appreciation of his tremendous contribution in restoring peace and supporting the post-war reconstruction of the country.
At the investiture ceremony, the Liberian President, Mrs Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, decorated President Kufuor with the Distinction of Grand Cordon in the Most Venerable Order of the Knighthood of the Pioneers of the Republic of Liberia.
President Johnson-Sirleaf said the Ghanaian leader had demonstrated strong leadership and care for his neighbours and had carved for himself a special place in the hearts of Liberians for his efforts and contributions.
She said the investiture ceremony was an expression of the deep appreciation for the role he played in securing peace for Liberians, as well as a recognition of all that Ghanaians had done for Liberians during the time of its national tragedy.

She told President Kufuor, “You are deserving of the honour because you merit it. We are proud of a true African solution to an African crisis. Happy is the peace maker, for he shall inherit the kingdom of God.”
A citation accompanying the award described President Kufuor as an astute politician, a good listener and a great consensus builder.
Receiving the award, President Kufuor said he was happy and humbled by the honour but indicated that he accepted it not only for himself but also on behalf of all Ghanaians.
He said the event marked another milestone in Ghana-Liberia relations.
He noted that the Liberian people had demonstrated that a setback could be turned into the beginning of great things to happen and underlined the need for continued peace, solidarity, patience and perseverance among all the stakeholders in Liberia’s development.
At the University of Liberia where he received the honorary doctorate degree, President Kufuor said he was impressed with the effort to revive Liberia and said the restoration was testimony to the fact that out of devastation and the ashes of war, progress was still possible.
Additionally, the Council of Traditional Chiefs of Liberia also decorated the President with a gown as a mark of the appreciation of the people of Liberia for him and Ghana, and was installed as a traditional ruler by Paramount Chiefs from all the 15 Counties of the country.
President Kufuor and party have since left Liberia for home.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Chuckie Taylor convicted of murder and torture in Miami.....

Chuckie Taylor (depicted in court) shot three victims and ordered dozens tortured because they were a threat to Charles Taylor's government, a prosecutor said.

Chuckie Taylor the son of former Liberian President Charles Taylor was today convited in a Miami court of murder and torture
while he headed his father pro-government military unit from 1997 to 2003.
A federal court jury found Chuckie Taylor guilty of five counts of torture, conspiracy to torture, using a firearm to commit a crime and conspiracy to use a firearm to commit a crime. The jurors deliberated for almost two days. He faces life in prison, with sentencing set for Jan. 9.
Prosecutors said the 31-year-old Chuckie was involved in killings and torture as head of an elite Antiterrorist Unit in his father's government also known as the "Demon Forces." From 1999 to 2003, Chuckie's job was to use his paramilitary soldiers to silence opposition to Taylor and train soldiers for conflict in neighboring African countries, according to trial testimony.
A succession of witnesses and victims told the jury about Chuckie's involvement in horrific acts including at least three killings and torture using electric shocks, lit cigarettes, molten plastic, hot irons pressed to flesh, stabbings with bayonets and even biting ants shoveled onto people's bodies.

Many of the victims were accused of being anti-Taylor rebels or sympathizers and were kept prisoner at a base known as Gbatala, where inmates were often kept in pits partially filled with water and covered with iron bars and barbed wire.

"I want the world to know what happened to me so it will not happen again in the future," former prisoner Rufus Kpadeh testified during the trial. He showed jurors scars on his arms from molten plastic that was dripped on him.

Did these fools really think they would go free after all the atrocities they committed in Liberia? in my opinion this criminal don't even deserved life in prison, but at least this victory in court today will give some closure to the families of the thousands of victims of these savages barbaric crimes against the Liberian people, i can only hope he rots in hell where he and his good for nothing father belongs.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Madame President.............

Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf today Wednesday marked her 70th birth anniversary in Monrovia.
Speaking at a ceremony in Monrovia the Liberian leader, according to a presidential mansion press statement, urge Liberian youth to work harder as they prepare to take over the mantle of future state affairs.

Liberians at home and abroad congratulate you and join you in celebrating this special day in your life, and we wish you many more happy birthday to come. some people were truly born to lead, and you Madame President are definitely one of them. we pray and thank you for your tireless effort in helping guard our people and the nation to prosperity in these trouble times.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

12 Peace corps volunteers sworn in at a ceremony in Monrovia......

Twelve American peace corp volunteers have been sworn-in at a ceremony witnessed by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and United States Ambassador to Liberia Linda Thomas-Greenfield in Monrovia.
Peace Corps country director, Lucianne Phillips said the volunteers will focus on the educational sector of the country, expressing the hope that their work would make a significant impact in the growth and development of the country.
The volunteers will take up assignments in rural Liberia and other parts of the country with a focus on the educational sector of the country including the rural teachers training institutes, agriculture, as well as midwifery training programs in South-eastern Liberia.
Administering the oath of service Monday at the C.Cecil Dennis auditorium, Peace Corps director Ronald Tschetter, credited President Sirleaf for the return of the volunteers to Liberia. Mr. Tschetter said it was the Liberian President who convinced US President George Bush of the need for the return of the Peace Corps to Liberia during previous discussions in the United States between the two leaders. The peace corp director also expressed the hope that their contribution will help enhance the country’s development programs and further strengthen the longstanding ties which Liberia and the United States have shared since the founding of the Republic.
Peace corps volunteers with the president after their swearing in ceremony

The Peace corps were active in Liberia from 1962 to 1990 the year the program was suspended due to Country’s civil conflict.
More peace corps are expected to join the initial number of volunteers later.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

U.S and Liberia hail ties during President Bush and President Sirleaf meeting at the White House.......

Liberian President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf on Wednesday met with President Bush in the oval office and said Liberia was on track to become a strong and democratic economy after more than a decade of civil war.She thank the President and the American people for all the support given the Liberian people over the years. "With the continued support of the American people and continued support of the American administration and Congress, we feel that Liberia can become a post-conflict success story," she added.
President Sirleaf clearly one of the U.S president favorite foreign leader was received warmly by the President. "Madam President, I have come to respect you and admire you because of your courage, your vision, your commitment to universal values and principles. Laura and I had a fantastic experience traveling to Liberia, and we want to thank you for your warm hospitality. Yesterday, you made note of my -- the lack of my talent when it came to dancing. But nevertheless, I want you to know I danced with joy. And no question Liberia has gone through very difficult times. But no question there's a bright future for Liberia. Liberia needs the help of the United States and other nations to help make sure children are educated, to make sure babies are not dying because of malaria, to make sure there's an infrastructure so that small businesses can flourish, to make sure the port is open for business. We have been helpful and we want to be helpful in the future. And I'm confident in saying to the American people that by helping this President and Liberia, we really help ourselves in many ways.

And so it's been a joy to know you. It's been a great experience working with you, and I congratulate you on your strong leadership. Welcome.
Liberia continued to enjoy warm relations with United States since President Sirleaf was elected as President of Liberia in 2005.
In other positive news for Liberia, The U.S. Peace Corps annouce today that it first group of volunteer will return to Liberia next week for the first time since brutal fighting erupted there two decades ago.
Peace Corps director Ronald Tschetter says the 12 new volunteers who arrive Monday will focus on rebuilding the West African nation's shattered education system.
And Delta airlines Inc the only U.S. network carrier to serve Africa, today announced it will expand its service to the African continent with the introduction of the first and only flight between Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport and Monrovia's Roberts International Airport, Liberia*. The service, which will make a stop at Amilcar Cabral International Airport on Sal Island, Cape Verde*, will start in June, 2009.
in an announcement today at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., Liberia's President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf praised Delta's investment in her country.
"I was excited to learn that Delta Air Lines has made the commitment to provide direct flight service to Liberia," said Johnson-Sirleaf. "Liberia continues to flourish and, with the commitment by companies in the U.S. to do business in our country, there is opportunity for continued economic growth. This development also provides convenience for Liberians in Diaspora to come home and to bring their skills and talents in support of the country's development. Delta Air Lines is providing a means to bring business into the country and we welcome them."
In recent years, Delta has expanded its presence in Africa. The carrier already offers flights from Atlanta to Lagos, Nigeria; Johannesburg, South Africa and Dakar, Senegal.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Spotlight on Liberia singing sensation Sundaygar Dearboy......

Accused of some of the worst crimes against humanity during the Liberian civil war, Micheal Davies also known as Sundaygar Dearboy has emerge as one one of the most successful artist on the Liberian Music scene.
The traditional music maestro, since the success of his last albulm entitle Baejay have since toured, the United States and Europe where he thrilled his audience at every performance. Sundaygar's tour took him to several states; including Minnesota, Colorado, and Pennsylvania.
here is one of my favorite song from the talented singer....

Sundaygar was born on July 20, 1972, in Grand Bassa county. he became a household name in Liberia during the 2005 presidential elections when he released the prophetic song 'Ellen will win'.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Chuckie Taylor's Trial begins today.....

Chuckie Taylor
The trial of the former commander of the so called anti terrorist unit and the son of the former Liberian president Charles Taylor, begins in Miami today.
Charles MacArthur Emmanuel, also known as Charles "Chuckie" Taylor Jr., is set to go on trial as prosecutors test, for the first time, a 1994 law making it a crime for U.S. citizens to commit torture overseas.
Federal prosecutors say chuckie poured molten plastic on the skin of the regime's opponents, rubbed salt in their wounds and shocked them with electricity during a horrific three-year campaign of intimidation in Liberia.
the indictment also indicated that Chuckie brutalized at least seven people by pressing hot irons on their flesh, shocking them, and even shoveling stinging ants on one naked victim who was forced into a dirt pit.
here is a video of these criminal atrocities in Liberia..

One by one these assholes will pay for the thousands of lives they took, and the chaos they and their band of criminals brought to Liberia, and west Africa during their so called war of liberation. i feel no pity whatsoever for them,How dare they destroy my country, how dare they soil the name of homeland.
an eye for an eye, and i hope they all die painfully.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Liberian Author Helene Cooper talks about her new book The House at Sugar beach with Minnesota Pubilc radio..

Here is a potion of Liberian Author and journalist Helene Cooper interview with Euan Karr of Minnesota public radio.
In this potion of the interview she talks about the Liberia, and its History.

And in this last potion of the interview she talks about moving to the United States,the situation in Liberia now, and what the future holds for Liberia.

Today Cooper is a diplomatic correspondent for the New York Times, traveling the world to cover major conflicts.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The House at sugar Beach is a must read...........

Helene Cooper
I am so excited, i just got a copy of Liberian author and journalist Helene Cooper's new memoir entitle The House on Sugar Beach. The book is so good i am already half way through it.
Helene tells a vivid story about her life growing up at Sugar Beach, a twenty-two-room mansion by the sea. Her childhood was filled with servants, flashy cars, a villa in Spain, and a farmhouse up-country. When Helene was eight, the Coopers took in a foster child — a common custom among the Liberian elite or congo people. Eunice, a Bassa girl, suddenly became known as “Mrs. Cooper’s daughter.” Helene like my mother is of Americo-Liberian or congo origin descendants of free slaves who left the United States in the late 1800s and founded Liberia.

For years the Cooper daughters — Helene, her sister Marlene, and Eunice — blissfully enjoyed the trappings of wealth and advantage. But on April 12, 1980, a group of soldiers staged a coup d’├ętat, assassinating President William Tolbert and executing his cabinet. The Coopers and the entire Congo class were now the hunted, being imprisoned, shot, tortured, and raped. Helene, Marlene, and their mother fled Sugar Beach, and then Liberia, for America. They left Eunice behind.
I thought the book was well-written and thought provoking, and though i was only a kid of about 3 or 4 years old when the coup that Helene describe in the book took place,i can still relate to her story, because i remember how scared my parents were during those days too. I know the places she talks about, like Sophies icecream shop to Relda cenema and to Ceasar's Beach.
The book is a good read, it is a story every Liberian Can relate to,but above all the book reminds you that no matter how long or how far away from home you are, you will always be connected someway somehow to the land of your birth.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sekou Conneh demands to be called a hero........

former Liberian warlord Sekou Conneh leader of the the Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy LURD, the rebel group that encircled Liberia's capital and heavily shelled it in the final months of Liberia's 14-year conflict in 2003 demended that he should be treated as a hero for having launched the attack that led to the defeat of President Charles Taylor, himself on trial for war crimes at The Hague, Netherlands. Conneh appeared before the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Monrovia on Wednesday and refused to accept any wrongdoing during an appearance before a public commission.

Here is a video of his group during the war...

can you believe this criminal, have the audacity to ask the Liberian people to call him a hero? we know of his atrocities in Lofa and Bomi counties when his group burn churches and killed innocent people, infect his drugged fighters once appeared on camera holding up a human heart.
Besides shelling the capital, the Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy is tied to massacres of entire villages. The group's siege of Monrovia led to so many deaths that Liberians began piling up the bodies in front of the U.S. Embassy in a plea for help. if anything this asshole should be jailed and hang for his crimes against the Liberian people.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Amazing grace like you never heard it before....

check out this stirring rendition of the song "Amazing Grace" by Wintley Phipps.
I saw this video about a year ago, and I still say to this day that this is the best version of Amazing Grace ever performed.
Here check it out yourself.

Enjoy Folks.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Bill Clinton announced new initiative to fight malaria in Liberia.......

Former American President, William Jefferson Clinton at the head of a sixty (60) member delegation visited Liberia Sunday, to participate in the launching and promotion of the awareness and prevention of HIV/AIDS and Malaria.
President Bill Clinton says there is a need for Liberians to know that there is an enormous amount of support and sympathy for them in the United States and has appealed to Liberians to be patient and not get discouraged. President Clinton attributed the interest and support Liberia has generated in the United States to the admiration Americans have for the leadership of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, whom he said represents something new and different not only for Liberia but for the continent of Africa.
The President announced a new initiative to combat the malaria epidemic in Liberia. Mr. Clinton disclosed that the Clinton Foundation has signed a new agreement with a leading ACT (Artesunate Combined Therapy) manufacturing company to reduce the price of malaria drugs by 30%.
The President was speaking at the official program held at the C. Cecil Dennis Auditorium at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs organized by the Government of Liberia.

The president and his delegation have left Liberia for Senegal in continuation of his Africa tour.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Happy 161 birthday Liberia....

On july 26 1847 11 men, representing diffrent parts of the commonwealth of Liberia, and led by Hilary Teage, signed the Liberian Declaration of Independence. By signing the declaration of independence these men told the world that a new country, and the first free negro nation on the African continent was born. they were Samuel Benedict, Hilary Teage, Elijah Johnson, John Naustehlau Lewis, Beverly R. Wilson and J.B. Gripon from Montserrado County; John Day, Amos Herring, Anthony William Gardiner and Ephriam Titler from Grand Bassa County; and Jacob W. Prout and Richard E. Murray from Sinoe County.
So this july 26 we at home and abroad honored these patrioctic sons of Liberia for taking the first bold step in putting our country on to path to statehood.

Timeline of Key events in our country's history....

In 1822, groups of freed Black Americans from the U.S. settled on the coast of Western Africa with a grant of $100,000 from President James Monroe.

Because of the inhumane way they were treated in America, many of the free slaves, after the American civil war of the 1860s decided to come to Africa, and start a new life.

Free slaves in America preparing to come to Liberia in 1862.

The Elizabeth brought the first group of free slaves to Africa in1822 and settle on an island called perseverance island. today its called the providence island.

In 1847, these settlers established the Republic of Liberia, the first independent country in Africa, they would then call their capital Monrovia for President James Monroe.

Susanna Lewis, and seven other women design the Liberian Flag, also know as the lone star.

The Liberian president residence as it looked in 1850.

The Liberian cabinet in the late 1800s.

Liberian 2 dollars of 1880.

1917 - Liberia declares war on Germany, giving the Allies a base in West Africa.

The city of Monrovia at the turn of the century, it was partially destroyed by a German U-boat when Liberia joined America and the allies in the first world war.

1926 - Firestone Tire and Rubber Company opens rubber plantation on land granted by government. Rubber production becomes backbone of economy.

1936 - Forced-labour practices abolished.

1943 - William Tubman elected president.

1944 - Government declares war on the Axis powers.

President Edwin Barclay of Liberia chats with U.S president F.D.R

1951 May - Women and indigenous property owners vote in the presidential election for the first time.

1958 - Racial discrimination outlawed.

1971 - Tubman dies and is succeeded by William Tolbert Jr.

1979 - More than 40 people are killed in riots following a proposed increase in the price of rice

1980 - Master Sergeant Samuel Doe stages military coup. Tolbert and 13 of his aides are publicly executed. A People's Redemption Council headed by Doe suspends constitution and assumes full powers.

1989 - National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL) led by Charles Taylor begins an uprising against the government.
1990 - Economic Community of West African States (Ecowas) sends peacekeeping force. Doe is executed by a splinter group of the NPFL.

2003 August - Nigerian peacekeepers arrive. Charles Taylor leaves Liberia after handing power to his deputy Moses Blah. US troops arrive. Interim government and rebels sign peace accord in Ghana. Gyude Bryant chosen to head interim administration.

2005 23 November - Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf becomes the first woman to be elected as an African head of state. She takes office the following January.

The Beloved President of our proud nation continues to carry the hope of an entire country

Happy birthday Liberia, and Happy independence day to all my countrymen at home and all across the globe, our country turn 161 years old on the 26 of July this year, let us again reflect on the last 2 decades of our country's recent past, and pray for the almost 200,000 of our countrymen who died in a senseless war,all the while holding our heads up high, for the future holds nothing but possibilities, and always rembering the words of our national anthem, In union strong success is sure, we cannot fail, and that we are all in the same boat together, one nation, one people, and one commom destiny. God bless us all.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Increase in armed robberies causes concern.......

Monrovia, the Liberian Capital have been hit in the past week by violent crime waves that has left inhabitants fearing for their lives while the government admits the security situation is deteriorating.
In the past eight days at least 160 homes in Monrovia were attacked by armed robbers, according to figures collected by AFP, demanding money or valuables and raping.
Observers say most of the robbers are former fighters who fought in the civil war. Many have kept their weapons and find it hard to find and keep regular jobs in a country plagued by over 80 percent unemployment.
Former fighters Of the Liberian War are to be blame for many of these violent crimes.

The Liberian Police is poorly trained, many officers do not even carry firearms.

President Johnson-Sirleaf admitted that the security situation in the capital had deteriorated. She even said that some of the crimes were carried out by police officers assigned to protect the population.
"The general security situation is bad. The reason is that our own security for several reasons has not been effective. Certain police officers have just been arrested as the result of their own participation in some of these crimes," she said on State radio.
The only remedy to this problem in my opinion is to start hanging these people when they are caught. The government have to seriously start thinking about bringing back capital punishment, and really start fighting fire with fire. These people have already killed a lot of our people during the war and got away with it, they must not be allowed to get away again, enough is enough.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Liberia' Ellen Sirleaf Denounced Zimbawe's elections and called on the African Union to do same......

Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf speaking at a closed session today during the 13th Ordinary Session of the African Union (AU) in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, has called on the African Union to pronounce the June 27th elections in Zimbabwe as not credible and declare the results unacceptable, if the Union is to maintain its credibility.President Sirleaf reminded Summit participants that the African Union Observer Mission declared the June 27th elections fell short of the accepted AU standards, and that this was a similar position taken by the Pan African Parliament and the United Nations Security Council. She urged Summit participants to take a firm stance as well: ‘All these persons and institutions cannot be wrong, cannot be conspiratorial as we may be made to believe,’ she stressed.She put forward Liberia as a case in point, saying the 1985 election was endorsed by Africa and the world, which frustrated the true will of the people of Liberia and subsequently engendered a fourteen year civil war that left over two hundred thousand persons dead. The Liberian leader called on the African Union to be courageous to say that ‘all is not well in Zimbabwe’ and that the request by SADC for a postponement of the June 27 Zimbabwean elections should be heeded.
The leaders of Botswana, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone also were critical of Zimbawe's Elections and said the vote lacked legitimacy, and Botswana urged that Zimbabwe and Mr. Mugabe be barred from A.U. and SADC membership.

Robert Mugabe shamelessly arrives at the Summit.

The African Union is a useless organization.

The African Union summit in Egypt this year only proves how toothless the organization is, Robert Mugabe is a disgrace to Africa, and should have been barred from the summit, The people of Zimbabwe were denied their democratic right to freely choose whom they want to be president of the country and all the African Union summit did was to tighten Mugabe's grip on power.

The African Union summit in Egypt, attended by Mugabe, approved a resolution calling for him to negotiate with opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai, who withdrew from the run-off election because of violence against his supporters.
The resolution fell short of the tougher statement wanted by some African countries.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Germany announced more support for Liberia's development.....

The German government pledged substantial funding to Liberian infrastructure projects Thursday at the start of a two- day visit by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to Berlin.
In the presence of Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, German Development Minister Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul opened the international Liberia 2008 Poverty Reduction Forum this morning and announced that that German development cooperation support for Liberia this year would amount to a total of 15 million euros. 10 million of this will be provided to the Liberia Reconstruction Trust Fund, which focuses on infrastructure development.
In her opening statement, the Minister said: "Liberia's people have suffered terribly. They deserve the support of the entire international community. So we are pleased to be able to host this conference." She noted that in so-called "post-conflict countries" in particular, the international community needed to be involved on a long-term basis, thus contributing to peace.
Moreover, Germany will cancel Liberian debt amounting to 268 million euros. Liberia is one of the most heavily indebted developing countries worldwide. Since March 2008, the country has been participating in the international Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) debt relief initiative.

German Chancellor Merkel and Liberia President Johnson-Sirleaf inspect the honour guard.

German Chancellor Merkel talks to Liberia President Johnson-Sirleaf during the welcome ceremony .

Members of President Johnson-Sirleaf delegation at the welcome ceremony in Berlin .

The Liberia Poverty Reduction Forum is being held in Berlin on 26 and 27 June 2008. At the conference, Liberia will present its Poverty Reduction Strategy. The Liberian government, donors and international institutions will discuss future goals and challenges in the area of poverty reduction and harmonize their efforts.

Monday, June 23, 2008

A Night of Partying........

I Tend to avoid going to Liberian Parties, not because i don't like to go, but because of the bad reputation that Liberians have made for themselves in the Minneapolis area.
Liberian gatherings, usually always ends in fights and mayhem, which is so shameful.

Some of these rebels who for some reasons where fortunate to come to the states, have brought their jungle mentality with them. And like the old parable back home says, when the monkey hands black its black there is nothing you can do about it.

With My boy Rannie In Minneapolis.

Today however i did go out to a couple of parties with my friends, and i must say i was very impressed, the parties were fun and peaceful. for the first time in a long time i was really having fun among my own people. could it be that our people are getting their acts together?