Tuesday, October 28, 2008

12 Peace corps volunteers sworn in at a ceremony in Monrovia......

Twelve American peace corp volunteers have been sworn-in at a ceremony witnessed by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and United States Ambassador to Liberia Linda Thomas-Greenfield in Monrovia.
Peace Corps country director, Lucianne Phillips said the volunteers will focus on the educational sector of the country, expressing the hope that their work would make a significant impact in the growth and development of the country.
The volunteers will take up assignments in rural Liberia and other parts of the country with a focus on the educational sector of the country including the rural teachers training institutes, agriculture, as well as midwifery training programs in South-eastern Liberia.
Administering the oath of service Monday at the C.Cecil Dennis auditorium, Peace Corps director Ronald Tschetter, credited President Sirleaf for the return of the volunteers to Liberia. Mr. Tschetter said it was the Liberian President who convinced US President George Bush of the need for the return of the Peace Corps to Liberia during previous discussions in the United States between the two leaders. The peace corp director also expressed the hope that their contribution will help enhance the country’s development programs and further strengthen the longstanding ties which Liberia and the United States have shared since the founding of the Republic.
Peace corps volunteers with the president after their swearing in ceremony

The Peace corps were active in Liberia from 1962 to 1990 the year the program was suspended due to Country’s civil conflict.
More peace corps are expected to join the initial number of volunteers later.

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