Thursday, July 30, 2009

The rape of an eight year old Liberian girl and her parents reactions spark outrage...........

If you have been following news about Liberia for the last couple of days, you would have probably heard about the brutal sexual assault, and rape of an eight year old Liberian girl in Phoenix.
The alleged sexual assault and reaction by her family who according to police and children protective service said that the little girl shamed the family and that the family doesn't want her anymore, have sparked an international outcry, reaching all the way to the president of Liberia, the home country of the girl's family and the four young suspects.
Phoenix, police also said the 8-year-old victim of the alleged rape last week has been removed from her home and placed into protective custody.

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf said Friday that the family was wrong and urged the family to receive counseling, CNN reported.

"This is not a question of shame on the family. It is the question of an assault on a young child. That cannot be tolerated," Sirleaf told CNN from Monrovia.

Police have charged four boys, ages 9 to 14 -- also Liberian refuges -- in the case, alleging they lured the girl into a shed on July 16, restrained her and sexually assaulted her.

I am so outrage by this case, not only because of the stupidity of this little girl's parents who fail to be there for her when she needed them the most, but also by the actions of the four underage suspect themselves. i saw on CNN the mother and other family members of the older suspect who is fourteen and the ringleader,who by the way is being tried as an adult, crying, and talking about they are kids and thus not capable of committing such crimes.

Are you kidding me? these boys not only brutally gang rape and stole the innocence of this poor child, but they have traumatize her for the rest of her life, and frankly underage or not they must be punish and punish severely for their crimes. if they can do adult things, they should receive adult punishment.
Let this again serve as a warning to all of us Liberians here, that we are all guest here, and as such, we have to behave accordingly......this shit must not be tolerated anywhere, wither its in Liberia, or here, and let us never forget that we are ambassadors of our country, and whatever we do, negative or positive, will reflect on our country, and how other people view it.