Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Increase in armed robberies causes concern.......

Monrovia, the Liberian Capital have been hit in the past week by violent crime waves that has left inhabitants fearing for their lives while the government admits the security situation is deteriorating.
In the past eight days at least 160 homes in Monrovia were attacked by armed robbers, according to figures collected by AFP, demanding money or valuables and raping.
Observers say most of the robbers are former fighters who fought in the civil war. Many have kept their weapons and find it hard to find and keep regular jobs in a country plagued by over 80 percent unemployment.
Former fighters Of the Liberian War are to be blame for many of these violent crimes.

The Liberian Police is poorly trained, many officers do not even carry firearms.

President Johnson-Sirleaf admitted that the security situation in the capital had deteriorated. She even said that some of the crimes were carried out by police officers assigned to protect the population.
"The general security situation is bad. The reason is that our own security for several reasons has not been effective. Certain police officers have just been arrested as the result of their own participation in some of these crimes," she said on State radio.
The only remedy to this problem in my opinion is to start hanging these people when they are caught. The government have to seriously start thinking about bringing back capital punishment, and really start fighting fire with fire. These people have already killed a lot of our people during the war and got away with it, they must not be allowed to get away again, enough is enough.