Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ex vice-president Moses Blah testisfies against Taylor.......

Ex-Liberian vice-president Moses Blah today entered the witness box to testify against his former boss Charles Taylor, who stands accused of war crimes in the Special Court for Sierra Leone. The Ex vice President told the court Libyan authorities trained Charles Taylor's rebel force in the 1980s before it violently overthrew Liberia's government. Blah said he was among about 180 fighters recruited by Taylor and flown to Libya in the late 1980s to undergo months of military training.

The fighters learned to use AK-47 assault rifles and surface-to-air missiles at a military camp near Tripoli, he said.
Blah said men from countries including Gambia, the Philippines and Sierra Leone were also trained at the camp.
Among them was Sam Bockarie one of the Sierra Leone rebels Taylor is accused of supporting.

Blah testified that Taylor met the future head of the RUF, Foday Sankoh, in the camp, where they were received by Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi.
Kadhafi gave Taylor half a million dollars after the Liberian was elected president in 1997, said Blah, who was ambassador to Tripoli at the time.

Moses Blah briefly served as Liberian president in 2003, taking leadership of the war-ravaged country after Taylor was
forced into exile. He is the 27th and highest-ranking witness to take the stand against Taylor since his trial began early this year.