Friday, June 6, 2008

Peace corps to return to Liberia in september..........

The peace corps this week said that they are pleased to officially announce its return to Liberia and is preparing for the arrival of the first group of Volunteers in September 2008.
After an absence of nearly two decades, experienced Volunteers will be serving in the country through a program called Peace Corps Response.
From 1962-1990, Peace Corps Volunteers in Liberia were involved in every facet of the country’s development efforts, from education and health to agriculture and rural development until the program was suspended due to the Liberian civil war in the 90s.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Liberia and FiFa to investigate stadium tragedy............

FIFA and the Liberian Government opened an investigation this week into the deaths of at least eight people at a World Cup qualifying match in Liberia.
The tragedy happened before Liberia took the field against Gambia in a World Cup and Africa Cup of Nations qualifier in Monrovia.
The chief mortician of the city, Dominic Worlu, gave the reason for the deaths. In all, 16 people were taken to hospital.
Witnesses said the stadium was packed by noon with people who came in earlier to find seats for the match.
Worlu said illegal ticket sales might have led to many more fans being crammed into the stadium than the seating capacity allowed.
Football’s governing body Fifa said it was investigating the incindent.

In another development President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has declared this weekend as a period of national mourning in remembrance of those spectators who met their unfortunate death.

The 33,000-seat venue was built in 1987 and had been renovated after the country's civil war ended five years ago.
United Nations peacekeepers closed the stadium gates on Sunday when it became clear it was already over capacity after thousands had entered using fake tickets.
Eyewitnesses reported that some security staff sold tickets and took money from fans without tickets to let them in.
The deaths occurred after dozens of people fell from upper-level seats onto spectators below when a metal barrier gave way.
The match was played and drawn 1-1.