Wednesday, October 22, 2008

U.S and Liberia hail ties during President Bush and President Sirleaf meeting at the White House.......

Liberian President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf on Wednesday met with President Bush in the oval office and said Liberia was on track to become a strong and democratic economy after more than a decade of civil war.She thank the President and the American people for all the support given the Liberian people over the years. "With the continued support of the American people and continued support of the American administration and Congress, we feel that Liberia can become a post-conflict success story," she added.
President Sirleaf clearly one of the U.S president favorite foreign leader was received warmly by the President. "Madam President, I have come to respect you and admire you because of your courage, your vision, your commitment to universal values and principles. Laura and I had a fantastic experience traveling to Liberia, and we want to thank you for your warm hospitality. Yesterday, you made note of my -- the lack of my talent when it came to dancing. But nevertheless, I want you to know I danced with joy. And no question Liberia has gone through very difficult times. But no question there's a bright future for Liberia. Liberia needs the help of the United States and other nations to help make sure children are educated, to make sure babies are not dying because of malaria, to make sure there's an infrastructure so that small businesses can flourish, to make sure the port is open for business. We have been helpful and we want to be helpful in the future. And I'm confident in saying to the American people that by helping this President and Liberia, we really help ourselves in many ways.

And so it's been a joy to know you. It's been a great experience working with you, and I congratulate you on your strong leadership. Welcome.
Liberia continued to enjoy warm relations with United States since President Sirleaf was elected as President of Liberia in 2005.
In other positive news for Liberia, The U.S. Peace Corps annouce today that it first group of volunteer will return to Liberia next week for the first time since brutal fighting erupted there two decades ago.
Peace Corps director Ronald Tschetter says the 12 new volunteers who arrive Monday will focus on rebuilding the West African nation's shattered education system.
And Delta airlines Inc the only U.S. network carrier to serve Africa, today announced it will expand its service to the African continent with the introduction of the first and only flight between Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport and Monrovia's Roberts International Airport, Liberia*. The service, which will make a stop at Amilcar Cabral International Airport on Sal Island, Cape Verde*, will start in June, 2009.
in an announcement today at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., Liberia's President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf praised Delta's investment in her country.
"I was excited to learn that Delta Air Lines has made the commitment to provide direct flight service to Liberia," said Johnson-Sirleaf. "Liberia continues to flourish and, with the commitment by companies in the U.S. to do business in our country, there is opportunity for continued economic growth. This development also provides convenience for Liberians in Diaspora to come home and to bring their skills and talents in support of the country's development. Delta Air Lines is providing a means to bring business into the country and we welcome them."
In recent years, Delta has expanded its presence in Africa. The carrier already offers flights from Atlanta to Lagos, Nigeria; Johannesburg, South Africa and Dakar, Senegal.