Sunday, August 26, 2007

No where like home.

Everyday it seems more and more of my countrymen are going back home to help in the rebuilding process that is taking place in Ernest in Liberia, many of us experienced terrible things beyond the imagination of most people, during our country brutal sixteen years civil war, and like most of my countrymen vow never to return home, even if it was heaven on earth, but like the lost son in the gospel, we realize that no matter how good we have it, other people's home, will never be ours, there will never be anywhere like home, i live in the most developed and richest nation in the world, yet i find myself thinking of what i would not give to have a cool glass of fresh made palm wine, or smell and feel the cool breeze of the Atlantic ocean.
something truly have awaken in me, this new sense of national pride, have left me feeling even prouder to be call a LIBERIAN, and to do whatever i can for my country, once we were one of the stable and fastest developing nation on the African continent, now we are among the poorest, but slowly the table is turning, and in the words of one of my favorite U.S president, John F Kennedy, ask not what your country can do for you, but rather ask what you can do for your country, will serve as not only a wake up call, but also as an inspiration to give back, and do whatever we can for our beloved country, duty and honor to our country demands this of us , it is not only our duty, it is the right thing to do.

here are some videos of Liberia on the road to recovery, after 14 years of devastating civil war.

The country needs all the help it can get,after years of corrupt rule, and war, the country is starting from the bottom.

But with her people's determination, the country is ready to take on any new challenges.