Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Liberian national arrested in Bensalem for attempted homicide.............

A Liberian national who is also a notorious gang member was arrested for the weekend shooting of a man during a homecoming party and was arraigned last night on two counts of attempted homicide.

Investigators arrested Daniel “Rush” Potepa, an alleged member of the Sex, Money, Murder set of the Bloods gang, after two confidential informants and other witnesses identified him as the shooter.

Daniel “Rush” Potepa, 20, faces two counts of attempted homicide and related charges after allegedly shooting township resident Anchul Rostogi, multiple times.

Also charged in the case is Liberian national Augustine “Lyrico” Kiawu, 24, who also identified Potepa as the shooter. Kiawu was charged last week with aggravated assault and conspiracy, police said.

Potepa was jailed on $3 million bail. After his arraignment early Tuesday.
After the criminal charges he is most likely to get deported, and when he does, i hope the Liberian Government also deal with him and put him in the middle of nowhere, these fools don't need to be let loose among civilize people, he had nothing to offer here in America, he will definitely not have anything to offer when he is sent home except, to be another nuisance for our already ill equipped police force.

Monday, February 1, 2010

The Vice Guide to Liberia my ass....................

I finally got to see this despicable piece of work called the vice guide to Liberia, a so called documentary that have been getting a lot of buzz all across the web.
Done by a bunch of nerds and racist fools who have nothing better to do but to put junk on the internet, these fools have manage to make my country look like a nation of cannibals, prostitutes, and drug addicts.

here are some of their work

I am frankly really offended that these assholes not only made my country the laughing stock of their demeaning work but in the process also exploited poor and venerable people in their videos for their own sick pleasures.

this video is comparable to if I made a video about homeless people, gangs, and drug addicts on the streets of a major American city like say New York and depicting it as the conditions of every day, average Americans. you have slums and ghettos that are worse here then anything we have in Liberia, so please don't insult our intelligence.

Our country have come a long way since the end of the civil war, we do not need your little fat white asses running around our country, demeaning our peoples and making us the butts of your sick and twisted jokes, if the good folks at vice TV or what ever you guys call yourselves don't have anything better to do, i suggest you guys go back in your parents basement and do what you do best, like looking at porns, and leaving subject matter you have no clues about .