Sunday, February 7, 2010

Former warlord and head of the Liberian peace council George Boley has been detained by U.S immigration and border officials.................

Former warlord and head of the Liberian Peace council George Boley who has been accused of human rights violations in Liberia — allegations he has denied for years — has been detained by U.S immigration officials who accuse him of “extrajudicial killings, and other gross human rights violations during the Liberian civil war.

Immigration and border officials detained George Boley on Jan. 15 on allegations that he is in the country unlawfully and that he committed killings in another country, according to Pat Riley, a spokeswoman for the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Boley has long contended that federal authorities have relentlessly pursued him because of baseless allegations that he committed war crimes in Liberia.

Last year the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Liberia, tasked with detailing possible human rights violations committed during the civil war, named Boley as one of eight people who should be prosecuted for their actions.
He is scheduled to have a hearing later this month before an immigration judge to determine whether he should be deported to his home country.

I for my part cannot wait for the day Mr Boley, Alhaji Kromah, Sekou Conteh, and Prince Johnson all join former Liberian President Charles Taylor in the Hague to face war crimes charges, Most of us Liberians who saw these men and their barbarian armies at work during the war will never forget what these people did to our country, I hope they all burn and rot in hell where they all belong.