Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Senator Taylor needs to shut up................................

The senior Senator from Bong County, and wife of former President Charles Taylor, Jewel Howard Taylor, said she is drawing, up an impeachment proceeding against President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for allegedly violating the Liberian constitution when she recently call on her cabinet Ministers to appoint two members of her party to government positions.

The senator believes that the President's call which was made at a party convention a week ago, aims to promote segregation in employment, thus contradicting Article 8 of the Liberian Constitution which provides that job opportunities be given all Liberians regardless of creed, religion, political affiliation or social status.

The Bong County Senator told a news conference at the weekend in Monrovia that it was a sad day in Liberia's history that a president would seek the welfare of only her associates.

Where was the then first lady when her husband's men killed innocent people for no reason

Wow if Senator Taylor is such an expert on the Constitution, where was she when her Husband the former President blatantly used the Constitution to wipe his ass for lack of a better word.
where was she when her husband arbitrarily abuse the rights of the Liberian People, were was she when people were being taken to jail and killed without any reason, after what these people did to the Country they should be the last to open their mouths about anything concerning the constitution.