Sunday, June 3, 2007

Finally the dictator will answer for his brutallity against the Liberian people

The day of judgment has finally come for former Liberian president Charles Taylor to answer for his heinous and brutal crime against the Liberian people. you can run but you can't hide so says an old parable in Liberia, did Taylor and his band of merry cronies think they would get away with the carter camp and duport road massacre? did they think they will get away with the amputations of arms and legs of thousand of innocent people in Sierra Leone? you were suppose to protect us, yet you chose to kill us, you were suppose to liberate us from the tyrant Samuel Doe, remember above all else the people? but when we compare the two of you, he comes out looking like a saint, you had a chance to be a great leader, when we give you the 97 elections, instead you made us beggars when our country is rich in natural resources, you scar our nation and left a whole generation traumatize forever, its not too late to ask the Liberian people for mercy, and than maybe just maybe we will find it in our hearts to forgive you.