Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Liberia' Ellen Sirleaf Denounced Zimbawe's elections and called on the African Union to do same......

Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf speaking at a closed session today during the 13th Ordinary Session of the African Union (AU) in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, has called on the African Union to pronounce the June 27th elections in Zimbabwe as not credible and declare the results unacceptable, if the Union is to maintain its credibility.President Sirleaf reminded Summit participants that the African Union Observer Mission declared the June 27th elections fell short of the accepted AU standards, and that this was a similar position taken by the Pan African Parliament and the United Nations Security Council. She urged Summit participants to take a firm stance as well: ‘All these persons and institutions cannot be wrong, cannot be conspiratorial as we may be made to believe,’ she stressed.She put forward Liberia as a case in point, saying the 1985 election was endorsed by Africa and the world, which frustrated the true will of the people of Liberia and subsequently engendered a fourteen year civil war that left over two hundred thousand persons dead. The Liberian leader called on the African Union to be courageous to say that ‘all is not well in Zimbabwe’ and that the request by SADC for a postponement of the June 27 Zimbabwean elections should be heeded.
The leaders of Botswana, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone also were critical of Zimbawe's Elections and said the vote lacked legitimacy, and Botswana urged that Zimbabwe and Mr. Mugabe be barred from A.U. and SADC membership.

Robert Mugabe shamelessly arrives at the Summit.

The African Union is a useless organization.

The African Union summit in Egypt this year only proves how toothless the organization is, Robert Mugabe is a disgrace to Africa, and should have been barred from the summit, The people of Zimbabwe were denied their democratic right to freely choose whom they want to be president of the country and all the African Union summit did was to tighten Mugabe's grip on power.

The African Union summit in Egypt, attended by Mugabe, approved a resolution calling for him to negotiate with opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai, who withdrew from the run-off election because of violence against his supporters.
The resolution fell short of the tougher statement wanted by some African countries.