Thursday, January 17, 2008

More gruesome testimonies at the TRC hearings..

Joshua Milton Blayee also known as the former General Butt naked now turned An evangelical pastor described the atrocities he and his men committed during the Liberian civil war, including magical rituals that involved slaughtering children and eating their hearts.

The former general spared no details on Tuesday as he told Liberia's Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) of his years with the now defunct ULIMO-J one of the most feared militias of the war. he said it was for the TRC to decide whether he should be given an amnesty or prosecuted."I am willing to go to court if necessary," he said. "And I will repeat just what I said here." he also stunned the nation when he disclosed that a juju pot has been buried on the grounds of the Executive Mansion for the essence of providing maximal protection to the Executive and the late President Samuel Kanyon Doe.
Allen Nicholas, a former NPFL fighter, Also testifying said forces of the NPFL under the commend of the late Nelson gaye killed almost 600 men, women and children at Carter Camp. Nicholas also said the NPFL was responsible for the Duport Road Massacre. According to him, those who carried the mission bypassed ECOMOG before getting to Duport Road.

It will be hard for some of us to forgive and forget what these savages did.

Never again must we ever let these Barbarians take control of our country.

It is hard to comprehend what these people did to our country, what do we do now? do we forgive and let bygones be bygones?, What about the victims of these people cruelty don't they deserved justice? we may forgive as a nation but how can we ever forget what these savages did? they have scar our nation forever, and i hope they live with that every single minute of their pathetic lives.