Thursday, August 5, 2010

couple of Interesting stories featuring Liberia on CNN Inside Africa.......

CNN inside Africa this week has a series of interesting report about Liberia, that i will also like to share here on my blog.

In the first story Prince Johnson -- once a rebel commander in Liberia's civil war, and a man accused of crimes against humanity -- says he has found God, and he wants to lead Liberia to a secure future as a born again Christin.

This fool was not only responsible for the death of many Innocent Liberians during the civil war, but he was also caught on tape drinking Budweiser while his men were cutting off the ears of then President- Samuel Doe to his amusement, before torturing and killing him. and to think he has the audacity to want to be President and govern Liberia makes me sick, this criminal should be in prison along with his Pal Charles Taylor where they all belong.

The next story in the series and one of my personal favorite is about the dissemination of information to the masses, and the voice and vision of the young generation of Liberians ready to rebuild after years of war.

The final story in the series is about surfing in Liberia, and a young Liberian who is trying to get recognition for the sport.