Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Instability in Guinea could mean trouble for Liberia.....

The 24-year reign of Guinea's president Lansana Conte , one of Africa's longest-ruling president, ended in confusion and chaos on Tuesday as a group of soldiers seized on his death to announced a coup that was immediately challenged by government officials.
International reporters in the capital Conakry, are reporting the movement of dozens of heavily armored tanks and troops heading toward the prime minister's office inside the presidential compound, and the city center. soldiers have set up check-points along the main roads into the city center, but so far there have been no reports of them abusing any citizens.

Guinean soldiers on armored vehicles patrols in the streets of Conakry

Liberians everywhere are monitoring the developments in Guinea our neighbor to the north with utmost concern. any instability in Guinea could spell serious trouble for us too. Any power struggle would be extremely dangerous, and could easily become a regional problem.
The Liberian leader Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for her part in a statement expressed shock and great sadness at the passing of President Conte.
In her statement, she adds “On this mournful occasion, the Government and People of Liberia join me in extending to the brotherly people of Guinea heartfelt condolences for the irreparable loss sustained. Under General Conte’s administration, Guinea served as sanctuary for tens of thousands of Liberian Refugees”.

The Liberian leader hopes that during this period of national mourning and transition, the people of Guinea will continue to enjoy the blessings of peace and stability, saying “ The government and people of Liberia will always stand ready to identify with the Government and brotherly people of Guinea”.

While we all pray and hope that the situation in Guinea remains peaceful, our government must start making the necessary arrangement to bring home the thousands of our country men who sought refuge in that country during our own civil crisis. we cannot afford to let our people suffer another war when they have already been through enough already.
And the international community must do all it can to not let the situation in Guinea go out of control, Liberia will only enjoy peace when all its neighbors are at peace.

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Dr. Fred P.M. van der Kraaij said...

Thank you Emmanuel, we share our concern for the political developments in Guinea, both from the perspective of the Guinean people and the peace process in Liberia - as I also mentioned on my blog: http://www.liberiapastandpresent.blogspot.com/

Please continue the good work!

Season's greetings!