Saturday, October 8, 2011

Why change the pilot when the plane is still in the air?.....

As the countdown to election begins in Liberia, it has become clear that the path Liberians choose on the 11 of October will determine if the country remains on the road to prosperity or the path of uncertainty and chaos.
Winston Tubman and the opposition CDC claimed that the Sirleaf administration has done nothing for the Country, On Friday, addressing some 200,000 of their supporters, Tubman told the crowd "What we know of her is that she brought war and that having now taken power, she hasn't brought unity," we can see nothing in the record about Ellen Sirleaf that tells us that she has been promoting peace, or that Liberia has become any better during her tenure as President.

Liberians should not forget Winston Tubman, is the nephew of Liberia's longest-serving president,William V.S Tubman, these people held power in Liberia for three decades, and what does Liberia has to show for it? absolutely nothing.

President Sirleaf on the other hand, has chalked up a series of economic achievements. She has managed to preside over 6.7% annual economic growth during her short time in office. She has also secured $4.6 billion in debt relief from creditors, including the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the U.S., the European Union and the African Development Bank. Her government has attracted billions more in foreign investment from companies all around the world.

Liberians should not be fool to think that a miracle will happen when the President is voted out of office, that all of a sudden every Liberians will automatically have a job. Rome was not built in a day, it will take a little bit more of time for people to start reaping the results of the Sound policies the President and her team have laid out.
Lets not forget fellow Liberians that when the Plane is still in the air, you don't change the pilots, Lets be patient and let the president complete what she started.

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Ethel Johnson said...

Why change the pilot...

We have heard of the peace and change that the president have promise to bring to our beloved motherland. we've hoped and wish it's actually a dream come true. But yet, years after years, nothing have change. I can honestly say, things have got even worse. Take a look at the people. No job, no food, not even clean water to drink. And yet still, we are just still supposed to be waiting for change? I'm just a little girl in person but grown in mind. They try to put out the good side of the LIB people, make people believe in hope and forget what's really going on in reality. I for sure have no opinion on who ever is the president in our country. I just get so sad and mad at the same time, when years after years we get president that make commintment and promises about making Liberia to better place, but just end up stealing from the country or let them own greeds take over them and let the people die slowly out.