Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My Take on Knuckles sex scandal

At a time like this when the President is doing everything to show the international community that we mean business, and that we are no longer the joke of west Africa, something stupid like this is done to embarrass her, at a time like this when the president is suppose to be dealing with important matters of state, she had to come and clean up this mess of a scandal, all because some horny minister who thinks he is a porn star was having the time of his life, having an orgy with young girls. Minister Knuckles should have known better, by being one of the president closest advisor he was a marked man with a bulls eye on his back , the enemies of the president, such as that good for nothing former speaker of the house Edwin snowe will used this as ammunition to go after her and do whatever he can to destroy her. i saw excerpt of his speech in which he talks about his family high moral values, but have i got news for that killer, please keep that B.S to yourself at least knuckles only had an orgy, but you mr snowe and your boss who now sits behind bars in Europe are directly responsible for thousands of death of innocent Liberians, you sir should be the last person to lecture anybody about morality, you guys ruin the country and took everything from us, you turn our beautiful capital into a big slum, you made us beggars when our country is rich in natural resources, so please sir don't lecture anyone about morality we know you are behind the distribution of those photos , just keep on waiting for your judgement, for i assure you, you and all your killer friends will pay dearly for all that blood you spilled if not in this world than the next.

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