Thursday, July 12, 2007

Madame President you must run again!

As we continue to draw ever closer to the conclusion of the first term of the first female president of Liberia, many Liberians especially in the diaspora are wondering if she is going to run for a second term, in my opinion the very stability of the Liberian nation depends on her decision, she is the only one best qualify, and best positioned to continue leading the battle weary people to progress and prosperity. the president's detractors, including many of the so called senators and representatives on capital hill, have continue to do all in their power to discredit and bring the government to its knees, these greedy,corrupt,blood stained hands killers turn politicians, are like wolf hiding in the dark, just waiting for the right time to pounce, for only in anarchy and chaos, can they survived.

To say its very important the president run again is an understatement, in order to firmly secure the peace for which almost two hundred thousand of our countrymen pay the ultimate sacrifice, in order to continue to enjoy the respect and blessings of the international community, and in order to ensure that the next generations of Liberians never again experience war, she has to run again, it is inevitable, she must run for president, the very destiny of our country future is on the line.

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