Saturday, March 22, 2008

More arrest of Liberian refugees in Ghana.......

Ghanaian Police on Saturday made their second swoop on the Liberia refugee camp just west of Accra in one week as the government carries out its resolve to ensure that the refugees obey Ghana's laws.This time they arrested dozens of men who they say have been fomenting trouble at the camp, as the standoff between the refugees and the government continues.Eyewitnesses said police went to the Gomoa Buduburam refugee camp just west of Accra at dawn on Saturday moving from house-to-house seeking the alleged male troublemakers. Many men fled into the bush while other locked themselves up in their rooms.

Liberian refugees were only protesting for their rights.

Main while Thirty Liberian refugees were expelled from Ghana and are expected home on Sunday amid disagreement between the two countries about the best way to deal with thousands of refugees.
Liberia's Information Minister Laurence Bropleh said in a radio broadcast Saturday that the "first batch" of nine women and 21 men would be met off the plane by senior officials and given temporary housing.

I am really starting to get angry about some of the reporting by the Ghanaian press and some insensitive statements made by some government officials, for example, Kwamena Bartels the Ghanaian interior minister after ordering the arrest and detention of helpless women and children told the news media “Ghana was good enough for them when their country was at war and they needed a place where they can have peace and protection and Ghana is not good for them when the war in their country was over…this shows their crass ingratitude to a country has protected them, fed them and given their children a free education.”

Kwamena Bartel Ghana's interior Minister.

what the hell is this guy problem? if he wants Liberians to leave Ghana, they should just say it and not come up with crazy excuses for beating, and harassing our people because they are protesting for their rights. Let them call us ungrateful and whatever the hell they want to call us, but the truth of the matter is they have no reason what so ever, of treating our people like crap.

Life in Ghana is hard for any foreigner, let alone refugees, they are not allowed to operate and own businesses unless Ghanaian citizens are not operating the same businesses, were as in Liberia, Ghanaian nationals can do whatever they want, as a matter of fact they practically own and operate all the business in the new Kru town, fanti town, and westpoint area of Monrovia.

All over the blogger sphere today Ghanaian bloggers have being insulting and calling our people names, and saying shit like God bless Ghana, throw out these ugly Liberians ingrates. and How dare these ugly Liberians, these savages try to bite the hand that feeds them?” i am so sick of this shit, not only are these people helpless, but must you make them feel like shit too? this has got to be the last straw, our government must do everything to bring our people home, i would rather they suffer in poverty home, then be beggers and insulted by people who are suppose to be our African brothers.

Bring our people home now!


Penelope said...

Michael, I totally agree with you - not only is the Ghanaian blogosphere being terrible to the Liberians, but the general media is completely misprepresenting the facts - it's appalling.
the international herald tribune calmly reported that 30 refugees were deported from ghana to liberia, with absolutely ZERO mention of the gross human rights abuses that the ghana gov. has been resorting to...

Anonymous said...

its seems nobody has put a comment in here for some time but I am here to warn people of scammers
I opened my heart to a liberian refugee and his daughter his name is Joseph Morrison or Joseph Stalin Odio and with one story after another he managed to get me to send so much money its just terrible to even think of as Im so up against it now. All stories were very valid concerns on thier own but put them all together and its too much to happen in one persons life actually its like a Forrest Gump movie it just keeps going on and so many things happen its just unbelievable and you know your been had and u know the hardest thing to face is that it wasnt real that the dream of meeting him and all the stories were just a means to an end and me as a person didnt matter I was just means to his greed