Friday, May 9, 2008

Spotlight on Liberian Raggae Star Nesseman.........

Here is one of my favorite Liberian musician called Nesseman, i have high hopes for this guy, and i absolutely believe this guy will be the next Lucky Dube, his songs are so simple yet so moving, and the fact that he shoots most of his videos in Liberia, just shows not only his love for his Country, but his high confidence he has in his wartorn country.

Here he is singing his smash hit call Till we meet again, a song he made as a tribute for his mentors and all those that left this Earth before their time, especially the 250,000 of his fellow Liberians who lost their lives in a senseless civil war.

God Bless Liberia and may we no longer kill our brother. We are many Tribes but One People.

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