Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Sad case of five Liberian girls in Oklahoma........

The Tyler, Convicted Child abusers........

I have been following the case of five Liberian girls who were adopted in 2005 from an orphanage in Liberia, by an Oklahoma couple who were later convicted early this year of abusing the oldest child.
Members of the Liberian community in Oklahoma and other concern groups have been trying to have the Oklahoma department of human services remove the remaining children from the care of this couple, but in a huge setback yesterday an Oklahoma judge ruled that the children should remain in the care of these monsters.

In a closed hearing Monday, Major County District Judge Vinson Barefoot ruled that the girls would remain with their adopted parents Verlon Tyler and Penny sue Tyler despite testimony from the couple's own 28-year-old son that he, too, was abused by them as a child.

The abused older girl, now 13, endured abuse from her entire adopted family, the girl was tied to bedposts, forced to sleep outside and denied food for several days as punishment, authorities say.
The Tyler Children have been convicted with sexual assault, and battery

She also was abused by the Tyler’s biological children. according to court records the couple's son Ashton Tyler 20, was charged and convicted with rape by instrumentation, and their daughter who is 21 was charged with assault and battery. She is living with relatives in another state.

This is truly unbelievable, how can a judge who is suppose to be looking out for the interest of these kids, let venerable children stay in the care of these monsters?

Melvin Johnson a Liberian attorney who is based in Atlanta, and represents the girls, said he
will appeal the decision, and has plans to investigate the couple for adoption fraud."These children should not be living with convicted, longtime child abusers,” Johnson said.

We urged Liberian communities all across the U.S to get involved with this case, we also urged the Liberian Embassy to do what ever it can to get these girls out of the care of these people, they are still technically Liberian Citizens, and our government must do all it can to ensure their safety and protection.

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