Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Five American Catholic Nuns were brutally Killed in 1992 by Charles Taylor's Rebels....

Sisters Kathleen McGuire; Barbara Muttra; Agnes Mueller; Mary Kolm; and Shirley Kolmer were all brutally raped and murdered by Charles Taylor and his criminals.

Nearly 16 years ago five Catholic nuns who were carrying out their unselfish work in Liberia were savagely rape and murdered. Now, almost 16 years after their gruesome killing, what appears to be the truth as to how and who killed, the Catholic nuns is finally been told. it was common knowledge to people, including me, who live in Monrovia at the time, that Charles Taylor and his criminals, during their so-called Operation Octopus when they besieged and were attacking Monrovia, were responsible for their death. At that time the Archbishop of Monrovia Michael Francis blamed rebels for killing the nuns, saying, "They call themselves freedom fighters, but they kill innocent people. . . . We pray for those liars.Following their gruesome murder, Charles Taylor dismissed the claims that his men committed the act. He blamed the incident on the ECOMOG, the west African peacekeeping forces that were helping the Liberian government to repel the Operation Octopus attack.But Morris Padmore,a former general of the rebel faction, has told the TRC hearing yesterday that NPFL rebel forces, were responsible for the killing of the Catholic nuns in the Barnerville area. he told the TRC public hearings that the sisters were ordered to be raped on the command of Gen. Christopher “Mosquito” Vambo, who was in charge of the octopus operation in 1992. After the rape, they were later killed with many fighters, thrusting sticks and other objects into their private parts and stomachs.
These women give up everything to help the poor and people in need in our country, and for that war criminal Charles Taylor, and his barbarians, to kill them in such horrific manner is beyond words. These people must be made to pay for their actions,these kind of barbaric crimes should never go unpunished, for these criminals to kill innocent people with impunity, is unacceptable. May the souls of these wonderful sisters rest in peace.

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